And the AVR Hero Design Contest winners are…

Back in September 2013, Atmel kicked off its global AVR Hero design contest for Makers, with 
participants submitting videos of creative designs based on AVR microcontrollers (MCUs)
Five winners were ultimately chosen by the public on Facebook and in China between September 17, 2013 and January 31, 2014.

Winners for this year’s contest included Sumit Grover and Rahul Kar (two runner up prizes) from India and Juan Luis Gonzalez from Mexico. The grand prize winner? Pamungkas Sumasta from Indonesia, who designed an Inertial Mobile Phone Unit based on AVR-Arduino.

When told he had been chosen as the grand prize winner of Atmel’s AVR contest, Sumasta was delighted.

“I am extremely excited to have won the grand prize for this design contest,” Sumasta exclaimed. 

”Atmel’s 8-bit AVR MCUs provide the best small footprint controllers available in the market, especially when they are coupled with Arduino support. Atmel AVRs continue to be my MCU of choice.”

“Congratulations to our five winners for providing thought-invoking, popular AVR-based designs,” said Sander Arts, Vice President of Marketing, Atmel Corporation.

“These innovative designs demonstrate the simplicity of Atmel’s AVR MCUs, which go beyond the core to help differentiate individual projects. Our AVRs continue to spark the imagination for professional engineers, makers and students in consumer and industrial applications because of its specialized peripherals, real-time performance, high integration and low power.”

Interested in learning more about the AVR Hero Design Contest Winners? You can check out Sumit Grover’s project here, Rahul Kar’s projects here and here and Juan Luis Gonzalez’s here.

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