Lüme: Wearable fashion with the ATMega32u4

Lüme is an electronically infused clothing collection that stylishly integrates dynamic, custom elements driven from a mobile phone.

Built around Atmel’s versatile ATMega32u4, the design and engineering of the collection is focused on the integration of electronics in such a way that the components can be easily removed and embedded – creating pieces which are easy to wash and maintain.

“The initial objective for the collection was to create a series of garments that could adapt to the users daily life, changing in color depending on the event, location, mood, or even just to match another garment or accessory,” Lüme Collection  staff explained in a recent blog post.

“The garments also can respond to sound, if the user [chooses] to select this option within the phone application. The laser cut piece within each garment can also be customized, to another pattern (other than damask pattern), such as polka dots, flowers, lines, etc.”

The Lüme Collection illustrates how Atmel’s versatile MCUs are positioned in the center of the rapidly evolving wearable tech revolution. First off, our SAM4S and tinyAVR MCUs are inside the Agent smart-watch which recently became a Kickstarter success. Atmel MCUs have also tipped up in a number of Maker projects for wearable tech, such as the LED pocket watch we featured earlier this year, as well as Adafruit’s popular wearable Flora, Gemma and Trinket platforms.

Clearly, wearable tech is getting a long overdue makeover, as Internet-linked computers are deftly woven into formerly brainless attire such as glasses, bracelets and shoes.

“We are heading for the wearable computing era,” Gartner analyst Van Baker told the AFP. “People are going to be walking around with personal area networks on their bodies and have multiple devices that talk to each other and the Web.”

Ben Arnold, director of industry analysis for consumer technology at NPD, expressed similar sentiments.

“Traditional technology companies will have to start paying attention to how sensors are enabling us to live… Consumers are ultimately going to become more aware of their data in the digital ether. I suspect wearables are going to disrupt the way tech firms are doing business now.”

2 thoughts on “Lüme: Wearable fashion with the ATMega32u4

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