This Arduino-based Light Box grooves to the music

A DIY desk accessory that is ideal for drum pads and DJs.

What can we say? We’re suckers for sound-reactive projects. Recently, Maker Oscar de la Hera created a slick Light Box that responds to music in a rather colorful way. Comprised of oak casing, the device uses an Arduino Uno (ATmega328), an MSGEQ7 chip and two audio jacks to brighten the musical experience via a 6×6 matrix of NeoPixels. These LEDs are hidden under a one-sided mirror, which serves as a reflective piece when the lights are off and a protective shield when the light show comes alive.


The project uses a pair of audio ports to enable the music to flow in and out of the box, and incorporates a sleek LED switch to allow the user to power it on and off. As for the electronics, the components are housed nestled inside the wooden frame and designed in such a way that permits the user to take the box apart and reprogram the Arduino to play different animations.


In the future, de la Hera hopes to incorporate Bluetooth and a rechargable battery to make the lightbox portable. Want to create one of your own? Check out the Maker’s entire project page here. Meanwhile, you can watch it in action below!

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