13-year-old Maker creates his own “Google Glass”

13-year-old Maker Clay Haight recently designed something not many kids would have even imagined: a Google Glass-inspired, intelligent pair of glasses. This is surely one way to beat the Cyber Monday rush!


As reported by our friends at MAKE Magazine, when he was 10 years old, Haight bought his very first Arduino, the ATmega328 MCU based Uno. Now at age 13, not only does he have the Uno, he has added the Mega, the Esplora, the Mini, the Ardweeny, the Mintduino, and even his own homemade Arduino-compatible board to the collection.

Well equipped to devise his own smart glasses, he went right ahead using the sensors on the Esplora (ATmega32U4) and an Arduino LCD screen, before piecing it all together on a 3D-printed frame.


While the headset may not be able to make calls, it does display a nice welcome message (“Hi, I am Glass.”) among a number of other features. The finished prototype allowed Haight to glance at a calendar, look at a local map, and even access the weather forecast through voice commands. In order to prevent the device from tilting to one side all the time, the young Maker installed a headband on the back. The best part? This DIY creation won’t set you back $1,500.

In terms of comfortability, the 13-year-old says he wears “them around my house and tell my parents the temperature just for fun!”


3 thoughts on “13-year-old Maker creates his own “Google Glass”

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