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WTFDuino is a banana-shaped, closed source Arduino

WTFDuino is on a mission to make ‘simple’ much more complicated. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

What if you were to take everything that you have come to love about the Arduino Uno — its simplicity, its accessibility, its breadboardability — and then reversed it? Well, that’s exactly what electronic engineer Calum Knott has done.


The Maker, who believes today’s MCUs are too sensible, has “undesigned” the Arduino into what he calls the WTFDuino a banana-shaped processor whose form factor is impossible to breadboard and whose pins are incorrectly labelled.

“The world needs a more confusing Arduino,” Knott says. Testament to that, the engineer has actually made it abundantly clear that it will remain closed source, as he will not be sharing its PCB layout.

Like many other Arduinos and its clones, the WTFDuino is based on an ATmega328P and features built-in USB support for programming with the Arduino IDE. While it is not known for certain as to whether or not he will actually sell the board, Knott reveals it’ll cost you roughly $23 for the headache of owning one.