Industruino Proto joins the Arduino AtHeart program

Industruino Proto is a robust DIN rail mountable, Leonardo-compatible industrial controller with an LCD display.

Now the latest member of the Arduino AtHeart program, the Industruino Proto is an Leonardo-compatible board housed inside a DIN rail mountable case. The unit itself is comprised of two parts: a self-contained, AVR powered main controller and a baseboard.


Built around the versatile ATmega32U4, the Industruino Proto features a prototyping area, an on-board LCD and a three-button membrane panel. This offers both Makers and professionals alike the ability take a breadboarded solution and quickly turn it into a neatly enclosed, finished looking product that’s ready for permanent installation. Whether employed for automation projects, data loggers or an interactive art installation, Industruino is a rugged, feature-rich and low-cost option for everyone.

Inside its enclosure lies the baseboard with a prototyping area for adding your own components, along with re-routable jumper connections for linking any point to either the MCU’s pins or external screw connectors.

“The Proto kit offers a large prototyping area to add your own circuitry as well as the following features: a 14-pin IDC expansion port to easily connect external modules, and a 2A switching voltage regulator taking any input voltage between 7-28V and generating a stable 5V output for the MCU and your own components,” its team writes. 


Meanwhile, the Industruino Proto’s integrated 128×64 LCD and membrane button panel enable accelerated UI development for visualizing and inputting your application’s data.

It should be noted that the Industruino Proto is sold in kit form, and according to its creators, can be assembled in less than three minutes. Key specs include:

  • MCU: ATmega32U4 (or AT90USB1286)
  • Operating voltage 5V
  • Supply voltage: 7-28V
  • Digital I/O pins: 17
  • PWM channels: 6 (32U4 model) / 4 (1286 model)
  • Analog input channels: 7, of which 6 are shared with digital I/O pins (32U4) / 5 (1286)
  • DC current per I/O pin: 40 mA
  • DC current for 3.3V pin: 50 mA
  • Flash: 32KB (32U4) / 128KB (1286).
  • SRAM: 2.5KB
  • Clock speed: 16MHz

Intrigued? Head over to its official page to learn more, or watch its detailed overview below.

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