Broogs Smart Lamp is a multi-purpose lamp for your connected home

This multi-purpose smart lamp acts as a lantern, speaker, mobile notification center and much more.

When it comes to traditional lamps, they’re often times one-dimensional. Other than brightening up your room, there’s not much more than these devices can do. However, with the rise of the Internet of Things, the need for smart gadgets that are multi-functional is becoming increasingly more popular, and sought after by consumers for their connected homes. That’s why the Broogs team, in collaboration with KSEED, have developed a multi-purpose intelligent lamp — an ideal addition to any bedroom, living room, dorm, or wherever else you may seek light.


It’s important to note that Broogs isn’t just smart lamp simply because the color of the LEDs can be changed to one of nearly 16 million hues. In fact, a variety of additional features are made available through its Bluetooth connectivity, such as streaming audio, setting alarms and pushing social media notifications. For instance, when you receive a call or text, the lamp was designed to provide audio and visual alerts through its lantern.

The lamp itself comes in two pieces, each packed with a number of its own unique functions. The lamp base is equipped with touch controls tasked with adjusting the level of brightness, turning it on/off, USB ports for charging and a Bluetooth speaker. Housed inside the base, the LED bulb is easily removable, which makes it super conveninent to move around in the dark — something that will surely come in handy if there is a sudden loss of power.


Broogs’ Smart Lamp was made to shift light away from a user’s eyes for when reading at night or looking around in the dark. This relieves any unnecessary stress keeping your eyes comfortable while you try to unwind.

Furthermore, a set of built-in USB ports will eliminate the need to take up outlet space with separate wall chargers. At the base of the lamp sits a downward facing high-quality Bluetooth speaker. Positioned slightly above the surface of wherever the lamp is placed, the speaker allows for superior acoustics by reflecting audio against the surface and dispersing it around the room.

One of, if not the, most important capabilities of the removable lantern is that it can provide nearly three to four hours of light. Not to mention, the LED lamp also uses 20 times less energy than a standard bulb so it can be used for over 20 years. With its additional USB ports, the lantern can also charge smart devices via USB until the power comes back on.


The functionality does not reside all in the lamp, however. Broogs has developed a mobile app, which is capable of setting the mood with various tones, receiving notifications and much more as the product matures. Interested in learning more? Head over to its official Indiegogo page, where the team is currently seeking $50,000. At the moment, the lamp will come in three different colors: all-white, all-black or a white and black combination. If all goes to plan, shipping is set to begin in May 2015.

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