Never miss an episode with smart Homer Simpson

While the terms “smart” and Homer Simpson don’t often share the same sentence, this design from Thomas Amberg truly warrants the phrase. The web-enabled TV puppet remote is capable of turning on your tube whenever The Simpsons is playing.


Homer Simpson’s burgeoning belly is embedded with an Arduino Uno (ATmega328), which acts as a web server. Upon recording his television’s infrared signal (with help from this Adafruit tutorial), Amberg programmed his megaAVR based board to output the TV’s signal to turn it on. He then placed a set of IR LEDs into Homer’s vacant eyes.


“As Homer is too lazy to browse the web himself, a script in the cloud checks the online TV program for him. If Simpsons is on, the script triggers the Arduino web service in Homer’s belly to activate his infrared eyes. No brain involved,” the Maker writes.


Whenever an RSS feed notifies that The Simpsons is playing, Homer triggers the television to turn on and watch his own antics.

Amberg describes the cloud script saying, “Why is a cloud script needed at all? Fetching RSS right from the Arduino is an option, but as the feed contains starting times rather than triggers, the Arduino would have to keep track of the current time.”


After making the enhancements to the puppet, Amberg had himself a web-enabled, Duff-drinking, donut-eating remote ready for use. Want a Homer remote of your own? Click on over to the project’s Instructables post here.

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