No drunk coding with Gitdown

Gitdown – created by Alex Qin and Geoffrey Litt during a recent hackathon – can perhaps best be described as a platform designed to prevent engineers from committing code when intoxicated.

As ITWorld’s Phil Johnson reports, Gitdown is built around the Arduino DrinkShield, an open source breathalyzer. Essentially, Gitdown requires a software engineer to blow into the breathalyzer before committing code. Meaning, individuals with blood alcohol levels are stopped dead in their tracks, presumably before they manage to embarrass themselves.

“It’s certainly pretty easy to mix alcohol and code. Lots of the companies that I worked out had beer in the corporate fridge and developers wouldn’t be shy about cracking them open at their desks late in the day (and sometimes not so late). And, of course, lots of coding goes on at home and at strange hours when your own private stash of booze is readily available,” writes Johnson.

“As for me, during all my years as a developer, I didn’t do much drinking and coding. Once I had a beer or two, writing code and trying to solve complex problems was about the last thing I wanted to do. I was at my best coding when the only drug that I was on was caffeine and could think clearly. It’s hard for me to believe that really good software development or design can get done under the influence.”


Yes, we know there is almost always version control software with its magic “undo” abilities, but still. Friends don’t let friends code drunk, especially over the holiday season.

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