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Back to the Future technology that exists today

On October 26, 1985, Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown and his sidekick Marty McFly hopped into a flying DeLorean DMC-12 time machine, generated by 1.21 jigawatts of power. Shortly thereafter, the duo arrived in their hometown of Hill Valley on October 21, 2015 — an era which saw embedded electronics in essentially everything. Sound familiar? While it may have only been a […]

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Building the modern-day lava lamp with Atmel

Having spent countless hours sitting as his desk, Maker Frank Cohen had always found lava lamps to provide a calming effect that would help him wind down after a long day’s work. This was the inspiration behind his decision to devise a modern-day version of the once-popular decorative novelty item, which recently made its Kickstarter debut. Dubbed Waves, Cohen has created a smart Bluetooth […]

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Exploring the human-insect relationship with Arduino

The team at OFL Architecture recently devised an interactive piece of architecture dedicated to the human-insect relationship. Inspired by a desire to explore the connection between both man and nature, a team comprised of a biologist, a sound engineer, a composer, and an architect built an installation entitled Wunderbugs. The convergence of architecture, art and engineering added a special dynamic […]

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Become the wizard of this Pinball Contraption

A Maker by the name of Philip Verbeek has debuted quite the Lego pinball contraption that will surely make the geekiest of dreams come true. In order to bring the idea to life, the machine is equipped with a Mindstorms NXT (based on the Atmel AT91SAM7S256 and ATmega48), a tandem of Arduino boards, and a handful of littleBits modules. Verbeek used more than 4,000 Lego […]

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The Power Suit is an Arduino-powered costume

Just in time for Halloween, a Maker by the name of Michael Teeuw has created a slick costume entitled The Power Suit. Though the ATmega168 MCU powered suit originated as just a fun idea to win a theme night competition with a couple of friends, the end result was actually quite stunning! “Every once in a while you are looking for a nonsense reason […]

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1:1 interview with Mitch Altman, Co-Founder of Noisebridge, San Francisco (Part 1)

In this feature of Bits & Pieces, I interview one of the original forefathers of hackerspaces. Mitch is one of the original co-founders of the infamous spaces named Noisebridge in San Francisco — which later became a exemplary model for others around the world. Mitch exemplifies the persona of a hardware hacker, who not only knows […]

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Maker swallows a smart pill to track data

“We’re building a computer inside a tablet, basically.” Melbourne-based Maker Chris Koch has taken wearable ingestible technology to a whole ‘nother by swallowing an embedded tablet (35mm x 18mm) in an effort to prove that data can be sent anywhere – even to someone’s gastrointestinal tract. Snepo, an interactive software company, are the ones behind the chip which houses an SoC by RFdigital that includes a Bluetooth […]

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The Atmel powered DrinkMate has your BAC

Developed by the team at Edge Tech Labs, DrinkMate is a lipstick-sized breathalyzer that plugs directly into your smartphone. The project recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign having exceeded its original $40,000 goal by nearly $60,000. Unlike others of the past, the world’s smallest breathalyzer — which measures 1.8″ long x 0.62″ in diameter — works in conjunction with the Android phone’s app and displays his […]

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Turning pollution into art with Arduino

Media artist Dmitry Morozov — more commonly known as ::vtol:: — recently found a way to turn offensive pollution into enticing art through a portable, Bluetooth-connected device entitled Digioxide. In an attempt to raise public awareness of the environmental pollution by artistic means, the Maker’s wireless creation uses a set of sensors to measure the presence of gases such […]

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Never miss an episode with smart Homer Simpson

While the terms “smart” and Homer Simpson don’t often share the same sentence, this design from Thomas Amberg truly warrants the phrase. The web-enabled TV puppet remote is capable of turning on your tube whenever The Simpsons is playing. Homer Simpson’s burgeoning belly is embedded with an Arduino Uno (ATmega328), which acts as a web server. Upon recording his television’s infrared […]

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