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Make yourself an automatic ice bucket challenge machine with ATmega32u4

You have likely seen your fair share of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos over the last few weeks, but this new automatic Ice Bucket Challenge vendor demonstrated by gckulo changes the game. We featured Christopher Lewis’ automatic Ice Bucket Challenge device last week and this contraption fits in the same innovative bill. The ATmega32u4 based RoMeo V2[R3], which behaves like […]

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Move over Mickey, drones are heading to Disney

Walt Disney World guests may soon come for the rides, but stay for the drone shows. Just this week, MarketWatch revealed that the entertainment giant had applied for three drone-related patents, each seemingly hinting that Disney would be incorporating unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) into all of their magic. According to the report, the three California-based imagineers who applied for the patents were […]

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It’s a bird.. It’s a plane… No, it’s a Google drone!

Google’s top research laboratory is hard at work developing a fleet of drones that will be able to take to the skies to deliver packages to consumers’ front steps. The Mountain View, California-based company is the latest to announce the testing of delivery drones, following the likes of Amazon, UPS and Domino’s Pizza. The project is being […]

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Student creates 3D-printed prosthetic arm for a classmate

Evan Kuester, a digital fabrication graduate student, didn’t feel completely fulfilled by his coursework. He worked through his studies, but wasn’t necessarily making the impact that he had hoped. After noticing a female student on campus without a hand, he decided to put his education to good use. In pursuit of his Masters Degree, the California […]

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This Atmel powered 3D printer makes pizza in 20 minutes!

Might we one day have a 3D printer in each home instead of a microwave? It appears that concept may not be as futuristic as once initially thought. From chocolate to pancakes, we’ve already begun to see the emergence of 3D food printers like the Foodini, Candy, and ChefJet. Though it may not be mainstream yet, the idea of having your very own Star Trek […]

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Resurrecting a Macintosh Plus from the dustbin

Stuart Cording, an Atmel aficionado over in Europe, tipped me off to this blog where a fellow got his old Mac Plus up and running. Jeff Keacher had the typical hardware problem, a power supply capacitor blew on him after a short while. What was amazing is he also got it to connect to the […]

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Build your own Inkjet 3D Printer with Plan B

While we have seen plenty of DIY printers (a majority in which are powered by AVR XMEGA and megaAVR micrcontrollers) come across the desk here at Bits & Pieces, this one certainly ranks high on the list as most intriguing. In fact, Plan B may have just revolutionized the way we think about the 3D printing process. Designed by 22-year-old engineer Yvo […]

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3D printing a castle in Minnesota

While we have covered the creations of Minnesota Maker Andrey Rudenko before on Bits & Pieces, nothing may’ve compared to his latest. Andrey has had the goal of 3D printing an entire house for a while now, and while his other projects have been incredible, this one is certainly the most majestic yet. Powered by an Arduino Mega (ATmega1280 MCU), […]

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runScribe separates itself from the wearable pack

Though there may be plenty of wearables on the market that can log the steps you’ve taken or track the distance you’ve jogged, the runScribe can do those things and a whole lot more. In fact, the latest device from ScribeLabs provides 3D insight into the mechanics of how you run, thus enabling data to drive you toward smarter training decisions. Recently […]

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Creating a gesture-controlled rover with ATmega328P

Who needs joysticks when you can control a robot with a flick of your wrist? A Maker going by the name “electro18” has merged his passions for both electronics and robotics to create a gesture-controlled rover. Using an Atmel ATmega328P-based design, electro18 has developed a roving robot that can be maneuvered by simple hand movements. The Maker has appropriately dubbed this […]

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