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Microduino-Joypad is an open-source 8-bit game console

The crew over at Microduino Studio has just released a new gamepad in honor of the Nintendo Gameboy’s 25th anniversary. If you recall, the company had launched the popular Microduino platform back in September 2013, where the small, stackable boards — powered by ATmega328P and ATmega644PA — had garnered over $134,000 in its initial Kickstarter campaign. “We achieved success with the unique Upin27 interface, compact size, rich […]

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Crank up the tunes with this stepper motor music box

It seems as though Makers just love creating instruments out of aging computer parts! Jeremy Weatherford recently repurposed two stepper motors to play high-tech versions of some of the classics and you have to hear it to believe it! Inspired by similar Maker projects that he encountered on the web, Weatherford writes that he was was driven to create […]

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Vegard Wollan on the AVR and ARM cores and peripherals

In the fifth video of the series, I asked the co-inventor of the AVR microcontroller about the progression of the peripherals in the various microcontrollers Atmel offers. Vegard shares that when they invented the first AVR products, the team was concerned with ease-of-use, a clean instruction set that would run C, instructions that ran in a single cycle, and […]

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Drawing a MIDI controller with conductive ink

Maker Daniel Sanz has put together this funky MIDI controller that employs conductive ink and a few capacitive sensors to produce sounds. The DIY nature of this design makes the possibilities for musical creation endless! Sanz is a member Music Technology Group (MTG) at University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona and devised this project for his Interactive […]

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Electronic Design talks touch with Atmel’s Patrick Hanley

Electronic Design Technology Editor Bill Wong recently had the chance to catch up with Patrick Hanley, Atmel Product Marketing Manager for Touch Technology, to talk about recent market trends as well as the company’s latest offerings. The interview, which was published on September 26, 2014, can be found below. Wong: What markets does Atmel play into? Hanley: Atmel focuses on industrial, […]

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More details revealed around the Arduino Materia 101

As recently reported on Bits & Pieces, Arduino co-founder Massimo Banzi gave the world a sneak peek of the company’s first 3D Printer, the Arduino Materia 101. First shared on the Arduino Twitter account and introduced on the Italian television show Che tempo che fa, the white and teal device will be presented next weekend at Maker Faire Rome. While their entry into the […]

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Ardubracelet lets you play Tetris on your wrist

Earlier this year, Kevin Bates developed an uber-mini handheld game console using an Atmel ATmega328 microcontroller (MCU). Having already graced the Maker community with his business card-sized Arduboy, he has now has taken that innovation to the next level with a wearable version of his Tetris-playing gadget. Meet the Ardubracelet! Equipped with the same chip as his previous creation, the […]

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Pinokio is an animatronic lamp that can track people

As kids filled with thoughts from Disney movies, we all imagined that our household items might one day magically come alive and interact with us. Makers Shanshan Zhou, Adam Ben-Dor, and Joss Doggett have now made that dream a reality with their face-tracking lamp, appropriately dubbed Pinokio. While it may appear to be an everyday desktop […]

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TinyScreen is a thumb-sized color display

With much of the tech community is abuzz about larger screen sizes, the TinyScreen is here to show customers just how adaptable a miniscule display can be in a world overrun by massive screens. Led by Maker Ken Burns, TinyCircuits has officially launched its TinyScreen on Kickstarter. To say the immediate response was a positive one would surely be […]

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Happy National Coffee Day!

While it may seem like every morning and the hours thereafter are coffee day, today is indeed National Coffee Day. Let’s face it, engineers, students and Makers alike all enjoy a good cup ‘o joe, or two, or three. Whether it’s a home brewed pot or a skinny frappa-thingy at a nearby coffee shop, the beverage has […]

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