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Hacker plays Doom on a Canon printer

In 1993, Doom was a revolutionary, incredibly popular game. Today, it’s being used by hackers like Context Information Security’s Michael Jordon to demonstrate security flaws in connected devices. Recently, a team of researchers successfully completed a four-monthlong hack that enabled them to access the web interface of a Canon PIXMA printer before modifying its firmware to run the classic ’90s computer game. During his […]

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Preview: World Maker Faire New York 2014

Are you excited? We sure are! Atmel is getting ready to take center stage at the 5th Annual World Maker Faire 2014 in New York City on September 20th and 21st. Undoubtedly, this year will be amazing as an expected 750+ Makers and 85,000+ attendees head to the New York Hall of Science to see the latest DIY […]

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Home is where the hack is!

Home smart home! While we already know that the smart home market is prepared to take the world by storm in the near future, the underlying concern is whether or not they will be secure. Industry experts are predicting that more than one in 10 of homes will be ‘smart’ by the end of this year — this compared […]

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University of Virginia team creates 3D-printed drone

When testing a flying prototype, an inventor’s biggest fear is a crash landing. David Sheffler’s team at the University of Virginia has eliminated this risk with their creation of a 3D-printed drone they call “The Razor.” If their UAV plummets to the ground, they can just print out another one on the spot! Sheffler’s team […]

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Turning playgrounds into video games with Arduino

In today’s age of non-stop stimulation, old schoolyard mainstays like the see-saw and jungle gym may not get as much love as they used to. The Hybrid Play system uses a clip-on sensor to turns any playground into an interactive virtual game. Embedded with a customized, Atmel based Arduino board, the Hybrid Play clip can easily […]

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3&Dbot is the world’s first autonomous 3D printing robot

Generally speaking, 3D printers can be quite hefty and often times, the objects they are capable of printing are limited by their own size. That is unless an entirely new 3D printing system is devised; in comes Rio de Janeiro-based PUC-Rio who has set out to do just that. The design lab has come up with a solution that may very […]

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SKULLY AR-1 is the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet

Well, if hoverbikes are going to be hitting the streets in the near future, riders are going to need a space-age headgear to go with their new vehicle. In comes the SKULLY AR-1, the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet. In a show of support, riders across the globe have responded with unprecedented funding. In fact, the Indiegogo campaign skyrocketed past its original goal […]

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Snake robots!

Every engineer loves robots, it’s one of the few disciplines that mechanical, electrical, and software engineers all admire. There is a class of robots called snake robots due to their means of locomotion resembling the way a snake works. One such robot , Wheeko, was recently unveiled by the folks at NTNU, the Norwegian University of Science […]

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Pocket-sized printing with ZUtA Labs and Arduino

Think printing is boring? Tedious? Annoying? You may want to check those thoughts at the door after coming across this pocket-sized printer from a team of students from Lev, the Jerusalem College of Technology. The young Makers, who together launched the company ZUta Labs have recently debuted a prototype version of the company’s little gadget entitled the “ZUtA Pocket Printer” […]

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The Arduweenie is shining bright for Maker Faire

This is the tell-all guide to #Arduweenie, a bewitching Maker project brought to you by Tenaya Hurst of Rogue Making and dog hunter LLC. My project is a wire frame in the shape of a dachshund dog wrapped with a 5 meter long RGB LED strip which I program. That’s all he is, and yet, loved […]

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