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Understanding the global ZigBee market

A new report published by Research and Markets estimates that the global ZigBee-enabled device sector will grow at a CAGR of 67.64 percent over the period 2013-2018. According to analysts, critical factors contributing to the significant market growth include extended battery life and power saving associated with the ZigBee spec.

Indeed, the ZigBee standard defines a power-save mechanism which allows both controller nodes and target nodes to enter into a power-saving mode and intelligently manage their power consumption.

“The different benefits of ZigBee technology, such as its low cost, low power, and high reliability, is leading to its rapid adoption by consumer product manufacturers. The increasing deployment of this technology in consumer electronics and smart home devices is expected to lead the growth of the market during the forecast period,” explained one of report’s analysts.

“ZigBee set-top boxes are expected to be the major consumer product that will contribute to the market growth in the future. Compulsory digitization of TV has increased the shipment of set-top boxes across the globe. The deployment of ZigBee technology in set-top boxes is expected to increase with the growth of the Global Set-top Box market and the popularity of ZigBee technology.”

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