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This robot makes PB&J sandwiches just like mom

Hey bot, make me a sandwich! 

Ever since it made its debut at Y Combinator’s Demo Day back in August, we’ve been keeping a close eye on Bistrobot— a sandwich-making robot.


With hopes of one day expanding into more stores and dining establishments, the Bistrobot was recently installed at Andi’s Market right here in San Francisco. The automated machine crafts peanut butter sandwiches on white bread with your choice of honey, blackberry jam, sweet chili or chocolate sauce. Earlier demonstrations have even included Nutella.

“It’s already much faster than traditional methods, and we’re working to make it cleaner and more consistent,” founder and CEO Jay Reppert recently told us. “For me personally, the coolest part about Bistrobot, and why I’m working on it, is because I think robots are awesome and this is a way for more people to share in something really cool without having to spend a lot of money,”


How it works is pretty straightforward. For just $2, a customer places an order on a tablet kiosk and then watches through its transparent plexiglass enclosure as the robot creates their sandwich.

And we agree, PB&J is the most simple sandwich around, but when a robot is the chef, things get a bit more interesting. The Bistrobot team notes that it’s easy to change around the menu, making the device even more versatile and appealing to commercial users. Impressively, the robot can produce 300 sandwiches an hour — that equates to five per minute.

While Bistrobot may still be in its infancy, we definitely look forward to seeing what the future holds. Until then, you can watch it in action below! (You may also want to check out fellow Y Combinator grad TeaBOT, which as its name would imply, is an automatic tea-brewing machine.)

This robot brews the perfect cup of loose leaf tea in seconds

I’m a little teaBOT short and stout…

“We don’t have lunch hour anymore, we have lunch minutes.” This was the idea behind one team of Toronto-based Makers’ endeavor to converge grab-and-go food with modern-day robotics. The device, aptly named teaBOT, was designed to eliminate the hassle and guesswork out of whipping up a quintessential cup of loose leaf tea.


When think about the fact that most tea requires anywhere from five to 10 minutes to brew, not to mention that each type of tea leaf needs to steep at a certain temperature in order to get the right flavor, this can certainly be an efficient and cost-effective solution for cafes, especially amid the hustle and bustle of major metro areas.

The system itself includes a “100% Atmel-powered” automated kiosk that lets customers choose from 18 different ingredients to create over 10,000 of flavor combinations via an accompanying mobile app, and receive a perfect drink in just 30 seconds. With the help of a tablet, users can either choose from a menu of popular mixtures curated from fellow customers or make a blend of their own. From there, they are prompted to adjust the brew’s strength and the ratio of flavors.

Adding to its convenience factor, patrons not only can pay with the swipe of a credit card but their Apple Watch as well. And after deciding on what to order, they can quickly store the selection or share it with their friends via the app.


Establishments who install a machine will receive a percentage of the revenue, while teaBOT will own and operate the kiosks for them, including servicing parts and replacing supplies.

The team has been hard at work building teaBOT in Canada for over a year and have officially launched in California with the help of Y Combinator. The machine is currently live in Coupa Cafe in Palo Alto with a second set to launch at the Workshop Cafe in San Francisco. After all, what better place to have a high-tech, automated tea device than in the heart of Silicon Valley?

Intrigued? Watch the teaBOT in action below! Oh and speaking of tea, remember this DIY, Atmel-driven tea robot from Modulo?