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Droplet is a wireless button that helps you remember important things

Recently launched on Kickstarter, Droplet is a smart reminder that tracks activities you don’t want to forget.

By now, most of us have all heard about Amazon Dash. We know it works: You push a branded button, an order for that particular product is ordered and delivered to your front door moments later. As to whether or not it will be successfully adopted, only time will tell. However, one thing is for certain: Companies will continue to find new ways to bridge the gap between our digital and physical worlds through the use of innovative interfaces.


Unlike constant reminders on a smartphone that can easily be dismissed with the swipe of a finger to ignore or the press of a button to snooze, Droplet is a bit harder to disregard. Instead, the Bluetooth-enabled button requires a user to physically tap the object to dismiss.

Whether it’s remembering to take medicine, feed a pet or take out the trash, the wireless, teardrop-shaped button can be attached to anything that requires a mental note. Simply affix the quarter-sized Droplet (26 mm x 21 mm x 7mm) to an object and tap it when you finish its coinciding task. Once completed, the device will record the action through its accompanying app, allowing you to track your activities and goals.


The mobile app also enables you to customize a Droplet to better fit your personal needs. For instance, you can use the app to configure new buttons and set email push notifications, as well as phone call reminders. What’s more, Droplet can be set to only remind you if you’ve forgotten a to-do and won’t bombard you with unnecessary alerts.

Beyond that, Droplet can be employed to initiate online actions, such as sending texts or ordering products. Stick one in the laundry room next to where you stock the detergent and tap it when you’ve poured the last of it out. Same goes for paper towel. Place one inside the closet and after taking out the last roll, hit it.

Aside from the button and app, the system consists of a physical hub, which plugs directly into your home’s Wi-Fi, and pings information stored on the cloud to the Droplet. One hub can manage multiple units.


What’s nice is that Droplet can be configured to share with friends and family, too. For example, you can alert someone if a chore is forgotten or simply notify a workout buddy to help you stay on track with your fitness goals. Designed with the older crowd in mind, the Droplet can also be used to help a family member track their medication or to send you reminders when they need refills. Since a majority of elders may not own a cell phone, let alone a smartphone, Droplets can send data to the smart hub so no smartphone is necessary.

Need a smart reminder in your life? Head over to Droplet’s official Kickstarter page, where the team is currently seeking $80,000. Shipment is slated for January 2016.

Flic is a smart button that controls your favorite apps

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an actual Staples Easy Button? Well, the team at Shortcut Labs may have devised the next best thing: Flic.


Flic is super simple, stylish and smart button that allows you to create a shortcut for up to three of your everyday tasks so that you no longer constantly need to reach for your device. And for those who are spooked at the mere thought of transitioning from a flip phone, the smart gizmo makes the functionalities of smartphone apps accessible to everyone — even your grandmother.

The quarter-sized button communicates with your mobile device through BLE. Once the Flic is set up and affixed to any surface, a user simply presses the button to carry out any programmed action without having to touch their phone. Think of the possibilities people! From remotely activating your camera, to snoozing your alarm, to blasting tunes, to taking the ultimate selfie, to texting loved ones, to even locating your smartphone when misplaced.


Driver safety also comes first with Flic. Rather than sifting through your pockets or gazing down into the crevices of your seats to locate your device, the button can perform its typical functions like launching a highlighted route or notifying your spouse that you’re leaving the office.

Flic can also serve as your lifeline in the case of an emergency. With just a single click, Flic can enable friends or family members to monitor your walk home via the phone’s GPS location, or more importantly, easily sound the alarm and send an S.O.S. alert.


Have a connected house? Flic lets users control each of their smart home units — including switching your Philips Hue lights on/off, warming the water on your Honeywell Evohome, or arming your SmartThings lock.

Flic works up to 150 feet away from your device, and will last up to five years or 60,000 clicks, whichever comes first. The project has currently garnered over $215,000 in pledges on Indiegogo, well over its initial goal of $80,000. Pending all goes well, the team anticipates units will ship by March 2015.