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Building a Wii module for the littleBits platform

Maker creates a module to connect a Wii Nunchuck to a littleBits circuit. 

A Maker by the name of “minigorille” recently devised a simple yet powerful module that enables interfacing between a Wii Nunchuck and four outputs. The project — which he calls Wii Bit — is comprised of an XY joystick, an XY accelerometer and two-press buttons (Z and C).


Built around an ATmega328, the Nunchuck can connect directly on the Wii Bit module without having to cut or hack the controller’s connector.


According to the Maker, the Wii Bit module outputs are as follows:

  • X & Y: Pulse Width Modulation
  • Z & C: High or Low (5V or 0V)
  • Default: X and Y output values from the joystick
  • Press C: X and Y output values from the accelerometer

As seen in the video below, pressing the Z button will activate the Wii Nunchuck’s accelerometer, while hitting C will put the output on high and take care of moving onto the next note of the ATmega168 based sequencer bit. You can watch it in action below!

Interested in learning more? Head over to the project’s bitLab page here.