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This device can help prevent sunburn and predict weather changes

UV-badge is a keychain-sized, wearable UV index and environmental sensor. 

A recent entry into the Hackaday Prize contest, the UV-badge is a small, wearable instrument designed to monitor UV index, temperature, humidity and air pressure. The brainchild of Szabolcs Damján, the device collects data to help users avoid sunburn, control indoor humidity, estimate elevation and even predict changes in weather or impending storms.


Built around an ATtiny861A, the UV-badge packs a 96 x 96-pixel LCD screen, a Bosch BME280 integrated environmental sensor, an ML8511 UV sensor, and a coin-cell battery that the Maker claims can last for an extended period of time thanks to its picoPower design.

The keychain-sized unit is tasked with measuring barometric pressure, air temperature, relative humidity and UV index every two seconds, and displaying additional information like battery life and historical values. The electronics are all neatly housed inside a 3D-printed case, along with a 1.5mm thick plexi cover and a simple, white adhesive plastic mask.


Users can switch between measurements by clicking its tactile switch located on its right side. A chart will then appear showing the trend of the selected value. To enter sleep mode, simply hold down the button for eight seconds. To turn back on, just hit the button again.


Looking ahead, Damján says future improvements may include improved memory, enhanced functionality, a fancier display, as well as a rechargeable LiPo battery. Intrigued? Check out the Maker’s entire project on his Hackaday.io page here.