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Uno is giving you all the info you need right on your wrist

The average person takes their phone out, unlocks it, and checks messages over 150 times a day. Uno says that’s too much. 

Seattle-based startup Uno believes that most of us take out our smartphones too many times per day, and has devised a way to solve that issue. Unlike a number of other wearables on the market today, the Noteband is focused primarily on notifications, a feature that caters to today’s on-the-go lifestyle.


The device, which is currently live on Indiegogo, displays messages from incoming calls, texts, emails, calendar reminders, as well as social feeds such as Twitter and Facebook. And for the gamers out there, the Noteband is even integrated with Xbox Live, Playstation Network and Steam. Meaning, you’ll no longer need to put down the controller to access a message, game alert or invitations.

Spritz, the speed-reading app, allows wearers to a notifications up to 80% faster at rates ranging from 250 to 1,000 words per minute. This eliminates any need for dual-hand scrolling, which enables users to get through that long email in a single click. When an alert is receives, the wristband vibrates and displays the message upon a tap of the finger. Swipe right to turn notices on, swipe left to get rid of them. It’s as easy as that!


Built around a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 MCU, the Noteband is equipped with an OLED display, Bluetooth Low Energy, and a battery capable of lasting for days on a single charge. The device, which is compatible with both the Android and iOS operating systems, also packs a six-axis gyroscope and accelerometer to let users to keep track and achieve their fitness goals, while syncing with the Apple Health and Google Fit platforms. Interested in learning more? Hurry over to its official Indiegogo page, where the team has already well exceed its $50,000 goal.