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Video: Arduino Mega drives single-wheel Jackal

Nick Thatcher has debuted the Jackal, a slick one-wheeled self balancing vehicle (unicycle) equipped with a single 19-inch motorcycle wheel.

The Jackal – powered by a 24v 450w geared unite motor – is controlled with the help of an Atmel-based Arduino Mega (ATmega2560 MCU) that maintains the cycle’s balance.

“The Arduino Mega REV3 takes the data from the inertial measurement unit IMU (gyro), does some number crunching and then spits out PWM signals in the direction of the motor controller,” Thatcher explained.

Aside from the Atmel-based Arduino Mega, key project components include:

  • IMU (gyro)
  • SyRen 50 motor controller
  • Two 12v 12ah lead acid batteries (slated for upgrade)
  • PVC
  • Chain drive

The Jackal is capable of achieving a top speed of 20mph, with enough torque to climb all but the steepest of all hills.

According to Thatcher, the Jackal builds on a previous project dubbed “The Raptor,” adding speed, style and a proper wheel.

Interested in learning more? You can check out The Jackal’s official page here.