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Atmel is ready to rock @ SXSW!

Atmel’s Tech on Tour trailer is on the road again and heading to Austin, Texas for SXSW. We’ll be at the Hyatt Regency Austin from March 7-9, 2014, so be sure to stop by during the show to see our latest demos.

We’ll be showcasing a wide variety of tech across a number of spaces, including touch, security, microcontrollers (MCUs), wireless, lighting and automotive.

More specifically, you can check out:

In addition, we’re proud to host a guest appearance by Autodesk, the very same folks behind the world famous Instructables and 123D Circuits.

With 123D Circuits, you can breadboard and simulate your AVR-powered Arduino-based circuits, while writing, compiling and running code right in your browser. When you’re done, you can have the circuit board professionally made and shipped right to your doorstep.

Interested in learning more about Atmel’s tech on tour? You can check out our official ToT page here.

125 new core 32-bit MCU products in 2013

Did you know that Atmel introduced over 125 new core 32-bit microcontroller products during 2013? 

Specifically, we launched a new family of ARM Cortex-M4-based ultra-low power microcontrollers for sensor hub and battery-operated consumer applications.

In addition, the company expanded its family of ARM Cortex-A5 microprocessors with smaller packaging and extended temperature range for wearables, industrial, automotive and medical applications.

Meanwhile, Windows 8.1 designs featuring Atmel’s flagship maXTouch included the ASUS Vivo Tab Note 8, Toshiba Encore WT8, Nokia’s Lumia 2520, HP Omni 10 5600us tablet, HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G2, Lenovo ThinkPad 8, LG Electronics Tab-Book H160 and Z160.

Additional milestones?

  • Turtle Beach selected Atmel’s ultra-low power Wi-Fi system-on-chip solution for the i60 and Z300 EarForce media headset products.
  • maXTouch chosen for Sony’s new PlayStation 4.
  • New Samsung Smart TV remote control touch powered by maXTouch.
  • Atmel’s AvantCar concept, a futuristic automotive center console featuring maXTouch, XSense, LIN transceivers and 8-bit AVR microcontrollers, showcased at CES 2014.

Plus, Atmel’s next-gen XSense is currently shipping in both the HP Omni 10 5600us tablet and HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G2. As we’ve previously reported on Bits & Pieces, touch screen developer Carclo recently told the Yorkshire Post it is well positioned to meet the requirements for the expected ramp up in XSense.

This week, Carclo confirmed “Atmel’s growth expectations and increase in customer design activity in its XSense business” was positive news for its Inkjet Technology business, which provides the coated film technology.

Atmel’s XSense can perhaps best be described as a high-performance, highly flexible touch sensor which allows engineers to design devices with curved surfaces and functionality along product edges. Based on a proprietary roll-to-roll metal mesh technology, XSense touch sensors provide a clear alternative to existing touch sensors. Simply put, manufacturers can now build light-weight, sleek, edgeless smartphones, tablets and other touch-enabled devices with extremely versatile form factors.

Additional key XSense specs include:

  • Highly accurate stylus performance (active or passive)
  • Support for larger touchscreens
  • Flexibility – for curved surfaces
  • Narrow border – for larger active screen areas
  • Narrow bond area – for optimized device reliability
  • Low sheet resistance for better noise immunity and lower power

Interested in learning more? You can find additional information about Atmel’s XSense technology here.