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The world’s first open-source, 3D-printed dress is here

High-tech fashionista Anouk Wipprecht isn’t one to shy away from breaking barriers and developing new ideas. Partnered with Austrian design house Polaire, the Maker has opened an invitation to the global community to design her next endeavor, the Open Source Element Dress.


Wipprecht has asked for creative thinkers to send her 62mm wide 3D designs, dubbed “particles,” that will be linked together to complete her new dress. These designs can be shared using TINKERCAD and submitted up until the assembly deadline of September 13th.

Upon conclusion of her effort, Wipprecht will construct the dress and hopefully have a unique 3D-printed representation of the global creative community. She tells The Creators Project that she has already received submissions from pre-teens in the U.S. and a Makerspace in the Philippines.


With this venture Wipprecht hopes to deepen the idea of 3D printing and design, seeing how things can connect more. “One of the things that I find super interesting about 3D printing is that it brings a totally new social context with it,” she notes.

With designs flying in from across the globe, the Maker’s newest creation won’t be without her signature touch. She has designed her own particle to be featured on the garment, which takes the shape of a 62mm dazzling blue NeoPixel wireframe.

“It’s a very personal and intimate message, to finally be able to design a particle or a piece of jewelry, created by you with someone else in mind,” Wipprecht believes.

When thinking critically about the message of the project, she says, “What I think I want to say is that 3D printing should involve more emotion, more depth, more meaning, more personality. I haven’t figured out yet what it exact is that triggers me to think that this project is steering something that can have potential to emotionize digital design. But there is an bigger and holistic idea behind it that I would love to explore more.”

We agree with you, Anouk… 3D design can house emotion and passion — two things we expect to see later this month at the World Maker Faire!

To monitor the progress of the Open Source Element Dress, stay tuned to the project’s Facebook page.

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