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Tiko is the $179 “unibody” 3D printer you’ve always wanted

This 3D printer is setting a new standard for design and price.

Given the rise of the Maker Movement, it’s not unusual to hear about a new 3D printer making its debut on Kickstarter. However, when that 3D printer aspires to change up the game, it’s certainly worth noting. Tiko is a budget-friendly, Delta-style 3D printer that has set out to establish a new standard for design at a minimal cost, all without sacrificing the quality. Taking into consideration the complications often experienced in other devices, the machine sought out to rid these by using an enclosed “unibody” chassis with pre-aligned beams on the inside of its frame.


The printer is equipped with three sets of arms that move in unison to control the movement of the print head. It supports an array of printing materials including the usual PLA, ABS and nylon, as well as boasts a print resolution that goes down to just 50 microns. Other notable specs include a print volume of 138.3 cubic inches and a maximum nozzle temperature of 250° C.

Tiko also features a unique liquefier that can extrude PLA plastic without active cooling, and replaces expensive and loud fans with heat vents. Not only does it allow Makers, engineers and designers to print large objects, they can remove them just as easily. Its print bed is completely flexible, so once a job is done, a user simply has to lift the printer off the bed and twist to pop off the print.


The surprisingly lightweight machine is extremely portable, while its sleek design will make it a welcomed addition to any countertop. With mobility in mind, the Niagara Falls-based startup ensured connectivity played an integral role as well. The team explains, “Wires are so 1996. Connect Tiko to the cloud, and you can print from almost anywhere, even from your smartphone. No Wi-Fi? Tiko makes its own wireless access point so you can print directly, too.”

Not only can Tiko run off of the cloud, it doesn’t have any USB ports for connecting files to the 3D printer either. Beyond that, the device can even measure its own performance, and with permission, utilize that data to help improve the gadget and the overall user experience.


  • Printer size: 15.4″ x 8.7” x 9.3″
  • Printer weight: 3.7lbs
  • Print volume: 138.3 cubic inches
  • Filament type: PLA, ABS, HIPS, nylon (1.75mm)
  • Layer resolution: 50-250 microns

Sound like a printer you’d love to have? Hurry over to its official Kickstarter page, where the team has already well exceeded its initial goal of $100,000.