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ATMega1284P powers this web-logger/server

A Maker by the name of Stewart has designed a web-logger server powered by Atmel’s ATMega1284P microcontroller (MCU).

As the HackADay crew notes, the board can be tasked with collecting and posting data to logging sites such as Thingspeak or Xively.

Dubbed “Pokewithastick,” the device boasts a rather small 50x37mm footprint (approximately 2″x1.5″). Key specs include a Wiz820 Ethernet module, a micro-SD card slot, two serial ports, one battery backed Real Time Clock (RTC), one radio connector (nRF24L01 2.4GHz), one power & user LED and a reset button.

“There are two power rails on the board which can be split (5v + 3.3V) or combined (3.3v only) which may allow you to connect Arduino shields to it,” wrote HackADay’s Mathieu Stephan. “You can program the board using the standard 6-pin header or via a serial programmer if an appropriate (Arduino) bootloader is installed.”

The open hardware project was designed using Kicad, with the relevant files available for download here (.zip). Additional information about the Atmel-powered “Pokewithastick” can be found on Stewart’s project page here.