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Swift01 is an open-source mesh networking module

Developed by Flint, Michigan-based startup Swiftlet Technology, Swift01 — which recently made its Kickstarter debut — is an open-source, wireless hardware module that enables Makers and hobbyists to build fully-functional systems for the Internet of Things.


“Have you ever wished that you could simply hook things together wirelessly? Have you ever wanted to automate everything in your house, but didn’t want to spend $35+ on a wireless module for each node in the network? This is exactly what drove me to envision the Swift01,” writes Dan Kurin, Swiftlet Founder and CEO.

The team notes that the preliminary hardware design, including an 802.15.4-based Atmel System-on-Chip (SoC) equipped with an Atmel | SMART SAM D ARM Cortex-M0+ MCU, has been finalized.


Additional key specs include:

  • Board size: 0.7″ x 1.4″
  • Power input: 3.4-5.5V
  • On-board 2.4GHz trace antenna
  • 3.3V serial UART interface
  • 10 I/Os including expandable serial interface and analog I/Os
  • On-board serial memory for future features

Since Swift01 is based around the concept of mesh networking, the module boasts several software components such as a full IEEE 802.15.5 network stack to court the network traffic, a serial bootloader to allow for updates, an AT Command interface to enable configuration of the network stack and to send messages, as well as an AES message signing add-on to ensure authenticity.


In an effort to seamlessly create and join networks designed particularly for sensing and control functions, Swift01 offers Makers a wide-range of applications, ranging from monitoring in-house temperature and reconfiguring lighting to remotely collection weather information and controlling home theaters.

“Given that we’re developing open source technology, crowdfunding the development of the tech made perfect sense,” explained Kurin. “This is true democratic development: technology by the people and for the people.” Backers of the campaign can contribute at a number of different dollar levels and, in return for their contribution, receive a finished good in the spring of next year.

As for how the software on the module will be structured, the Swiftlet Technology team has shared an update on its architecture here.


In terms of its RF driver, the team says that it features all of the lowest-level software for handling the behavior of the PHY (transceiver). “Much of this has already been written by Atmel and is included in the Atmel Software Framework (ASF).”

If all goes to plan, production for beta-level hardware is expected to kick off in early January with shipments to initial backers slated for Feburary. Interested in learning more or backing this open-source, open protocol project? Click on over Swiftlet Technology’s Kickstarter campaign!