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Victoria’s Secret teases 3D printed corset

Victoria’s Secret is slated to debut a 3D-printed design just in time for its big fashion show on November 13. The Swarovski Crystal-encrusted corset – designed to look like a snowflake – will be modeled by Lindsay Ellingson.

“It’s exciting that we get to use this—we’ve never done it,” Victoria’s Secret collection design coordinator Sarah Sophia Lidz told Style.com. “It’s the first time, and it will be perfect for this section, too. It’s called Snow Angels, and it’s really a nod to the iconic Victoria’s Secret theme, with beautiful white wings inspired by snowflakes, snowfall, frost, the northern lights—there’s a lot of Swarovski.”

According to Shapeways industrial designer Duann Scott, the Victoria’s Secret corset is the first 3D printed pieces for a major mainstream brand.

“We’ve seen some 3D printing in fashion, in the haute couture in Europe. So it’s been very rigid things, very artful things, but nothing that’s been nice to wear,” Scott explained. “This [has] a focus on the elegant, sensual form—not just rigid and stiff and alien-like. It’s wearable.”

The industrial designer also noted that there was currently an “evolution” underway in fashion with regards to 3D printing material.

“The interesting thing about 3D printing and design is, traditional fabric is either a stitch or a weave, and maybe a chain mail in there, but with 3D printing, we can do all three of those simultaneously, in one garment, in one material. So there are new ways to control the way the fabric falls and reacts to the body. There is lots of room for evolving the garment,” he added.