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Crank up the tunes with this stepper motor music box

It seems as though Makers just love creating instruments out of aging computer partsJeremy Weatherford recently repurposed two stepper motors to play high-tech versions of some of the classics and you have to hear it to believe it!


Inspired by similar Maker projects that he encountered on the web, Weatherford writes that he was was driven to create his own musical device. His DIY machine produces sounds from two stepper motors and two servo driven percussion units. MIDI files are loaded onto the unit and then converted into high-tech tones.

At the core of Weatherford’s device sits an Iteaduino MEGA 2560 (ATmega2560) and a series of percussion linkages. In his Hackaday tutorial, Jeremy notes, “The fun part for me was putting it all in a wooden box, and trying out panel-mount components for the first time. There’s a power-switch where the LED lights up when a power source is connected, so I don’t leave a LiPo in it.”


He also included a barrel jack that can disconnect the battery connector when a wall source is connected in order to protect the LiPo.

Now turn up the volume and check out the music box in action!