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Video: Robotic arm measures magnetic fields

Stanley Lio has created a magnetometer-equipped robotic arm with three degrees of freedom to accurately measure magnetic fields.

According to HackADay’s Nick Con, the arm itself was built with standard servos and aluminum mounting hardware purchased from eBay.

“He then hooked an HMC5883L magnetometer to the robotic arm, using [Atmel’s] ATmega32U4 microcontroller (MCU) and the LUFA USB library to interface with this sensor since it has a high data rate,” Con explained.

“The results were plotted in MATLAB, a very powerful mathematical based scripting language. The plots almost perfectly match the field patterns learned in introductory classes on magnetism.”

So, what’s up for version two of the magnetometer-equipped robotic arm? Well, Stanley says he has a few tweaks in mind, including:

  • Adding extra redundant DOF
  • Having fun with math
  • Measuring positioning accuracy, precision and repeatability
  • Auto calibration using the IMU (when new servos are installed)
  • Light painting
  • Controlling the arm by real-time input devices with a camera and/or 
  • Parallel robots
  • Improving positioning accuracy

Interested in learning more? You can check out the project’s official page here.