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SPIN remote is the simplest remote you will ever need

This smart knob wants to bring simplicity to your device-filled world.

Did you know that the average household has three remote controls lying around the living room, with about 40 buttons on each? That’s 120 buttons in total — quite a bit if you ask us. Well, a Netherlands-based team of Makers has set out to simplify the way in which you interact with the world around you starting with the remote control.


“Over time more and more technology has found its way into the living room. The once simple task of watching TV has become a joint effort of our HD television, our interactive set-top box and our AV receiver. While those devices kept getting smarter, the remote control has stayed the same ever since the introduction of infrared technology in 1980. It never evolved into something more than a plastic box with buttons, we just ended up with more buttons,” the team writes.


From turning on your lights to changing radio stations, SPIN remote is the only device you will ever need in the era of constant connectivity. While it may not eliminate buttons altogether, it does converge the ones that you really use. And, with over 120, that can surely come in handy!

The smart gadget is packed with a number of components including an Atmel | SMART SAM D20, along with a capacitive touchpad, 360° infrared LEDs, a low energy Bluetooth module, color LEDs, motion sensors and a buzzer, all enclosed in a shockproof metal casing. Its embedded series of sensors enable the remote to detect motion, rotation, orientation, touch and even proximity. Imagine how easy it’ll be to change the TV channel by merely turning a dial.


“Your SPIN remote knows how you are holding it (straight, sideways or upside down), how you are rotating it (clockwise or counter clockwise) and how fast you are rotating. All of this information is analyzed by our innovative software in realtime, allowing SPIN remote to seamlessly transform rotation into commands.”

This compact and convenient device can easily be customized using its companion app as well. The app, which is for both iOS and Android, takes a user through the setup process in a matter of a few steps. All a user must do is select the function he or she wants to add, then press the button on their old-school remote control and presto! Those looking for more functionality can use the app to create their own presets, add new devices, customize the touchpad and combine function with rotation to fit their needs and desires.


Not only does it have brains, it’s beautiful as well. Users can choose from a variety of different shells for their personal SPIN remote, including aluminum, brass, and our favorite, the Kickstarter special.

Those wishing to have the simplest remote ever can head over to the project’s official Kickstarter page, where team has already successfully achieved its €100,000 goal. A smart world calls for a smart remote!