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Blast some tunes on this colorful speaker

An RGB LED strip driver adds some colorful effects to this DIY sound system.

A friend of Philip Verbeek, Guus Boonen, has created an totally awesome handmade sound system comprised of a few speakers, an amplifier circuit, a Bluetooth module and a charger module with accu, all housed inside a custom case with a handle on top for portability.


During the build process, Boonen had come up with the idea to also include an RGB LED strip driver, paving the way for some pretty cool effects. This board, which was specially designed by Verbeek, features a rotary encoder and an ATtiny85 at its core. What really makes this driver special, though, is the inclusion of the rotary encoder with an integrated tact switch. This not only makes all kinds of new user interfaces possible, but enables precise control of the LEDs.

A panel in the back allows a user to adjust the light color and brightness, as well as turn the speaker on/off. Aside from that, the system is powered and charged via AC, and is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and an audio jack.


As Verbeek explains, “The custom driver includes two modes. Mode 1 is where you can set the color. When pressing the tact switch in the rotary encoder, you will go to mode 2 where you can set the brightness level of the RGB LEDs. When holding the tact switch for two seconds, the LEDs will go off in a nice fade animation.”

With every touch of the push button (which is built into the rotary encoder), the variables are saved in the memory. This way, whenever the device is powered on and off again, the driver will revert back to where a user left it. Intrigued? You can check out the entire project here, or see it in action below!