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Build your own Moto 360 smartwatch with Moto Maker

It’s time to create a watch that suits your style. 

Back in 2013, Motorola launched an innovative web portal, Moto Maker, that enabled users to personalize their own Moto X smartphone. Nearly two years later, that made-to-order feature has now expanded to the company’s Moto 360 smartwatch, which led sales among all Android Wear devices over the last 12 months.


Moto 360 customization options include three different finishes (dark metal, light metal and champagne gold), nine separate band styles (including leather, metal and a slick mono-link design), as well as 11 pre-installed watch face options. Once you get your device, it’s easy to swap watch faces from its collection or through Google Play. This is great news for those simply looking to coordinate with their outfit, or dress it up a bit for a more professional or formal setting.

Without question, it appears that Motorola is looking to take advantage of the Moto 360’s popularity by extending the customization of its flagship product. And given the rise of the DIY culture and their fascination with modularity, having the ability to create something in line with one’s own style is pretty cool. For those with a little fancier taste, both the gold and metal bands come with a premium price of $30 and $50, respectively.

Light Finish Case with 22mm Cognac Leather Band

With countless combinations available, there’s a watch that can appeal to every type of personality. In fact, wearers can create their own as well as choose among some of Motorola’s pre-configured samples such as “Professor Hip” with a light finish case and a cognac leather band, “Golden Goddess” with a champagne gold finish case and cognac leather band, and “On-the-Go Stylist” with a finish case and a champagne gold metal band.

As a recent Adafruit teardown revealed, the Moto 360 lineup is powered by an MXT112S capacitive controller — which gives it a nice little touch if we may say so ourselves. Embodying a sleek, round face and Gorilla Glass protective layering, the comfortable device puts everything you need right on your wrist, whether that’s check the weather and traffic or send a text.

Ready to build your own? You can browse through various options and get started on Moto Maker here.

You’ve got time on your hands with Ritot

Inspired by your favorite sci-fi movie, Ritot is a modern smart watch that is surging in popularity. Designed by Ukrainian-based Michael Medvid, Ritot is billed as a projection smart watch, as it projects notifications onto the wearer’s hand. With a slight flick of the wrist, a wearer can display the time of day, their latest tweets, or even a weather update onto their hand.


The waterproof band is available in two styles, sport and bracelet, and can be used to provide the user with a multitude of informational updates. Once synced with a smartphone, the Ritot can not only display the time, but missed calls, texts, caller ID, calendar alerts, and Facebook messages among other options.


The wearable device also comes equipped with a wireless battery panel that doubles as an interface that lets you change the color of the watch’s projections. The projection is proven to be safe for the user’s skin while the color of the displayed text can switch between 20 colors at the simple push of a button. Ubergizmo reports that the team stands behind their claim of up to 150 hours of use in projection mode and a staggering month’s lifespan while in standby mode. Included in the futuristic watch’s package is a wireless charging device that also doubles as an alarm clock.


The Ritot team started an Indiegogo campaign with an initial goal of $50,000, yet the device’s ingenious design has piqued the interest of the wearable tech community. The team behind the wrist worn gadget has currently crowd-funded over $665,000. As of now, there is no functional prototype of the band, but with the overwhelming financial response from the community, the Ritot team hopes to ship product to their initial contributors in early 2015.