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Mist measures soil moisture and waters your lawn on demand

Mist tracks data in real-time and optimizes irrigation for each part of your yard while using up to 50% less water.

As seemingly everything inside of our homes are becoming automated, shouldn’t our yards be as well? While having a perfectly manicured, lush green lawn is a dream to just about everyone, only some are willing to put in the effort required. Not to mention, full-time jobs and other obligations tend to get in the way. Fortunately, one Redwood City-based startup has devised what they’re billing as the “world’s smartest sprinkler system,” which will do all of the handwork for you.


Mist is comprised of a 16-zone sprinkler controller with up to 50 easy-to-use sensors that can be spread throughout your property. These sensors are capable of tracking an assortment of real-time data, including soil moisture, sun intensity and temperature, and automatically optimizing irrigation for each part of your yard with up to 50% less water. Meaning, not only will it make your grass greener, it’ll keep more green in your wallets as well.

The information collected by each sensor is streamed wirelessly to the controller, which then combines the data with weather forecasts and user preferences to determine the optimal time and location to replenish the lawn. On top of that, keeping tabs on soil moisture allows Mist to hydrate the grass just enough, eliminating any possibility of ever overwatering.

For those of us in drought-riden areas like California, Mist applies the minimum amount of H2) necessary in order to keep selected non-tolerant plants alive during such difficult times. Oppositely, should it rain, the irrigation system will know to keep the sprinklers off for days.


Mist works by connecting to any standard 24VAC in-ground sprinkler systems and an accompanying mobile app, which lets you easily monitor and manage from after. The app provides you with full control over all the functions of your sprinklers, including manually turning on/off zones, setting restricted days and hours to avoid watering, and configuring advanced customizations. And designed with smart home compatibility in mind, Mist will integrate with many of today’s most popular platforms like Nest, HomeKit and SmartThings, to name a few.

The controller links to home Wi-Fi network to enable remote control from the Mist app as well as integration with third-party services, such as weather. Each of the sensors are waterproof and thermal-insulated, and are made of high UV and impact-resistant plastic to withstand the elements for years. What’s more, they are solar-powered and feature a rechargeable LiFePO4 battery, as well as employ long-range, low-power wireless technology that can span over one mile in a direct line-of-sight.

Need some help with your lawn? Head over to Mist’s Indiegogo page, where the team is currently seeking $45,000. Units are expected to begin shipping in February 2016.

Set it and forget it! Sprinkl is a smart irrigation system

Let’s face it, not only can watering your lawn can be a hassle, it can often times be a waste of resources as well. Luckily, Dallas-based startup Sprinkl has developed a smarter way to automate lawn sprinklers capable of reducing water usage by up to 50%. Not only is it great for your water bill, but is surely good news for drought-ridden homeowners throughout the country.


The innovative system is comprised of a patent-pending controller and multiple sensor units. Each weatherproof wireless sensor unit relays soil measurements back to the controller using a power-efficient 802.15.4 mesh network — driven by an ATmega256RFR2 — where additional information, such as local watering restrictions, is used to determine per-zone watering schedules.

Sprinkl is built on the Android OS, runs on a 1GHz processor and can even last seven years on a single lithium battery. Equipped with a capacitive touchscreen, the team stuck on some valve controls, enabling the system to command separate zones. Currently, Sprinkl comes in both 8- and 16-zone packages.


Furthermore, the smart irrigation system is also Wi-Fi enabled, meaning that it can pull weather forecasts and water conservation schedules directly from the cloud. Once watering and soil measurements are uploaded, homeowners can easily plot the data in their web browsers. Think of it of as a Nest thermostat for your lawn. Based on the sensors’ readings, the controller determines just the right amount of water to distribute.


According to our friends at PubNub, Sprinkl needed a real-time infrastructure to power their mobile API integration layers with their cloud system to ensure that its cloud and mobile apps were up-to-date based on any changes happening on a user’s controller. In order to achieve just that, Sprinkl seamlessly implemented the PubNub Data Stream Network, significantly reducing development time, as well as development complexity for their real-time backend.

“The Internet is at turning point in the home. Lighting and HVAC controllers have really evolved over the past four years, but irrigation and lawn care technology have been lagging behind,” explained Noel Geren, Managing Member of Sprinkl. “With Sprinkl we wanted to bring an evolutionary product to market; a gorgeous and extensible Android touch based controller that can automatically determine how much water to use per-zone, saving up to 50% on monthly watering bills and preserving earth’s precious resources.

Sprinkl is an ideal alternative for those looking for a smarter, more intuitive watering system for their lawns and landscapes. Interested in learning more? Head over to its official website here.