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Ruggie is the alarm clock that will actually get you out of bed

Thanks to Ruggie, you no longer have to lose to the snooze.

If you’re not a morning person, the task of waking up probably consists of multiple alarms going off, followed by several snooze buttons. By the time you actually do get up, you’ve realized you overslept and have to rush to work feeling groggy and tired. Not a great way to start the day right? Fortunately, there’s a new and better way to wake up and get out of bed early.


Meet Ruggie, a memory foam rug and alarm clock that needs to sense pressure for at least three seconds before shutting off, making it the ultimate snooze proof alarm. Founder Winsom Tam rethought the design of traditional alarm clocks when he, like millions of other people, struggled with waking up. The team touts that Ruggie will help you get out of bed easily, feeling more optimistic and more productive.

The problem with snooze buttons on today’s alarm clocks is that we inevitably fall back into bed. Ruggie eliminates that possibility because it requires that you stand on the rug to stop the alarm. By then, you’ve already gotten over hard part — getting out of bed. You can also choose how you want to start you day. If you’re annoyed by the blaring beeping noise of older alarm clocks, Ruggie can play any custom sound you want by connecting it to your computer via USB and dragging in the sound files. This opens the possibility of waking up to positive affirmations, goal reminders or your favorite song. Or you can choose the Ruggie’s presets of soothing alarms.


Ruggie has a minimalistic design measuring at 15.5″ by 23.5″, suitable for any room. Its bright LED display doubles as a night light and its touch sensor is what makes sure you’ve gotten out bed. If you want to know the time, just tap the rug. Ruggie can be cleaned in the washer but first you must take out the electronics inside.

Ready to be the early bird that gets the worm? Head over to Ruggie’s Kicksstarter page, where Tam and the team have already well surpassed their initial goal of $36,113, with more than 1,000 backers to date. If all goes pending to plan, delivery is slated for September 2016.