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SmartRim adds an intelligent parking system to any car

To ‘curb’ a common parking problem, this smart system can protect your vehicle’s sides and save your wheels.

When parallel parking, there’s nothing worse than the sound of your wheel scraping against the curb as a result of misjudging the distance between your car and the sidewalk. Not only does it scuff up your tricked out rims, the damage to your Vossens or Asantis can be quite pricey as well. In an effort to help prevent this costly mistake from happening, one Waltham, Massachusetts-based startup has developed the world’s first parking assistance system that protects your vehicle.


The aptly-dubbed SmartRim wireless sensor system uses advanced technology to automatically detect unsighted obstacles along the side of car as the wheels near the curb. This is done through a sensor, which analyzes the time that it takes for ultrasonic waves to reflect off nearby objects. Using an embedded temperature sensor and calibration parameters, SmartRim can gauge the distance between the car and the sidewalk, and then send an alert to the driver using its accompanying iOS mobile app.


Inside each SmartRim is also a micro-electromechanical sensor tasked with constantly measuring acceleration and detecting vibrations, like when a driver opens the door or hits the pedal to the metal. The system even tracks objects to ensure that surrounding noise does not trigger false measurements. It periodically wakes up to send radio beacons and remains in deep sleep most of the time when the car is not in use, thus saving energy — thanks to an ultra-low ARM Cortex-M MCU.


Installation of the SmartRim seems to be pretty straightforward: Simply attach the module to the inside of a wheel well using the high bond adhesive (or self-tapping screws) and removable clip base-plate provided. Meanwhile, the device is powered by a single AA battery that is said to last for more than 1,000 parking cycles.

What’s more, SmartRim is compatible with any car or SUV and is not brand specific — works with everything from your Cadillac Escalade’s 28” dubs and your Honda Civic’s 15” alloys. Want to ‘curb’ your rim-scraping problem? Hurry over to its official Indiegogo campaign, where the team is currently seeking $50,000. Shipment is expected to begin in January 2016.