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Ember keeps your coffee at a desirable temperature for hours

This smartphone-controlled mug will let you enjoy your morning coffee at the perfect temperature with every sip.

For years, the deal with travel mugs have remained pretty much same. You pour some coffee or tea into a plastic tumbler, throw on a lid and head out the door. Over the course of your hour-long commute, its contents slowly loses its heat and before you know it, you arrive at the office or to class with a lukewarm beverage. With this in mind, one California-based startup has developed what they’re calling “the world’s first intelligent mug,” which allows you to enjoy your morning pick-me-up at a desirable temperature with every sip.


Not only will it keep your coffee or tea warm for hours, the Ember even cools down your scalding hot liquid to a more drinkable temperature. And we know what you’re all thinking, “Not another smart bottle!” But here’s the thing, unlike other connected containers, the mug was crafted for comfort and convenience while sipping on a beverage, not so much collecting data or quantifying consumption. Plus, it boasts a sleek, elegant and button-free design with most of its high-tech features tucked away.

Equipped with a built-in heating system, the Ember enables you to adjust the temperature by simply turning a dial at its base, upon which a hidden display will illuminate to indicate the degrees. The 12-ounce mug will then sustain that internal climate for about two hours while on the go, or all day long if placed on top of its companion charging coaster.


For those who rather not twist a dial, Ember can also pair with an accompanying smartphone app via Bluetooth. With the app, you can create presets for all of your favorites, control your coffee or tea remotely, and receive notifications whenever your drink has reached its ideal temperature.

However, inside is where all the magic happens. A proprietary passive cooling and an active heating system are embedded into Ember’s insulated walls, which are made of phase-change materials that allow the mug to warm and cool precisely. Meanwhile, a microprocessor and sensors are tasked with monitoring the coffee.


Though a built-in screen shows the temperature of your drink, the display seamlessly blends in with the surface of the mug, so it’s invisible when off. To turn it on, simply press a capacitive touch button behind the Ember logo. Beyond that, Ember’s lid features a push-to-open mechanism that securely seals in the liquid and prevents spills, along with a unique 360-degree design that lets you drink from any side.

And for the iced coffee or tea lovers out there, don’t worry, the mug keeps it cool in the same way that a standard travel mug does. Intrigued? Head over to Ember’s Indiegogo campaign, which blew right past its $50,000 goal. Delivery is slated for April 2016.