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These goggles will keep open water swimmers on course

Point. Click. Swim. 

Swimming from one end of a pool to the other in a straight line is fairly easy. Doing the same in an open body of water or lake, not so much. With the absence of lanes, swimmers and triathletes tend to find themselves zig-zagging through the water, wasting precious energy and ultimately diminishing their performance. Cognizant of this, one Atlanta-based startup has developed a pair of intelligent navigation goggles that enable a wearer to stay on course without deviating from its linear path.


Embedded with a high-precision compass, an accelerometer, an array of LEDs and an MCU, the OnCourse Goggles work by establishing a virtual swimming lane for its user. Simply look at a far-off target like abuoy to set your destination, lock it in by hitting the button along its side, and you’re ready to get going. From there, the goggles will provide real-time feedback during your swim through a small LED array in each eyepiece.


When you’re swimming in the proper direction, both lights will remain green. However, if you happen to veer too far, the LED will illuminate above your right or left eye. The lights will turn yellow and then to red, indicating that you need to get back on track. Upon reaching your desired checkpoint, you can set another target and proceed accordingly.


In terms of power, the goggles are equipped with a LiPo battery that can be recharged via USB either through your computer, an iPhone wall unit or its supplied automotive adapter. The OnCourse team just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, which garnered over $62,000. Want a pair of your own? Race over to its page here.