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Pantelligent is like an ordinary frying pan but smarter

As we prepare for the holidays, we’re sure many out there would agree: “Cooking takes too much time and energy. And, the result is not always amazing.” Isn’t that the truth?

Thanks to a team of four MIT engineers and chefs, a newly-launched smart pan is hoping to bring consistency in and take the guesswork out of  the kitchen. Imagine if that frying pan of yours suddenly gave you the skills of a master chef, rivaling the likes of Wolfgang Puck or Emeril Lagasse. Bam!


The aptly named Pantelligent features a temperature sensor (in its base) that communicates over Bluetooth (in its handle) with its companion smartphone app, guiding you through the process of cooking just about anything. Think of it as a digital Cooking for Dummies, telling you what, when and how to do it. Without all the reading, of course!


The mobile app is pre-loaded with dozens of recipes, ranging from buttermilk pancakes and crepes to seared scallops and beef stroganoff. In the mood to whip up dinner? Simply choose a recipe, then let the pan and its app take you through the rest. This is done through a “patent-pending design that accurately measures the temperature of the pan’s cooking surface,” a company rep explains.

Sure, experienced chefs can use this connected frying pan as well. Throw out those old-fashioned thermometers because Pantelligent’s sensors will notify you when your food is at the right temperature. In its “freestyle” mode, users can set a target temp for the pan and be alerted if the pan ever gets too hot or cold. This mode works like a “sous chef that never gets distracted.”


Having already achieved its $30,000 crowdfunding goal in a matter of days, it’s safe to say the Pantelligent is cooking up a storm on Kickstarter! With the holidays quickly approaching, head on over to its official page here to learn more. If all goes to plan, the next-gen cooking tool is expected to ship out to backers in August 2015.

From smart appliances to quantified cooking, the Internet of Things will soon revolutionize everything from what we cook to how we consume. Get ready, we’re entering an era of SMARTER eating!