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This smart shaker helps you mix the perfect cocktail

Not equipped to be a bartender? Luckily, this new gizmo is.


Designed by the Magnified Self crew, B4RM4N is a smart cocktail shaker powered by an Atmel microcontroller (MCU) and connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to mix and pour the perfect drink every time.


To start, a user connects B4RM4N to their mobile device by placing the shaker onto a nearby table or bar, immediately launching the accompanying mobile app (available on both iOS and Android). Then, simply select a recipe from the vast library loaded onto the app, as well as the desired number of drinks (up to three glasses at a time for any given recipe).

Once a recipe is chosen, a user will be instructed by the app to go ahead and round up each of the necessary ingredients, and start adding. Accompanied by instant sound feedback, the LEDs located along the side of the shaker will indicate when to stop. When completed with one ingredient, B4RM4N shows you what to do next, which can also be monitored on the smartphone’s screen. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!


Who knew the shaking process could be made smarter? B4RM4N can simplify the process even more by telling an aspiring drink-maker when to stop thanks to its embedded accelerometer.


Throwing a last-minute shindig? With its real-time capabilities, the connected cocktail shaker can suggest what drinks you can make based on the ingredients on-hand or in the fridge. Think you’ve made quite the decadent drink and want the world to know? B4RM4N also enables you to share the creation across Facebook, Twitter and other social communities.


Recently launched on Kickstarter, its team is seeking $100,000 to assist in production. Can you see yourself using this smart contraption at your next party? Magnified Self hopes to have its first batch of shipments ready for next summer… just in time for that 4th of July extravaganza!