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Juvo tracks and manages your sleep from under your bed

You may know how much time you spend in bed, but are you truly well rested? Juvo will help you find out.

Sleep: We all want it, we all need it, yet we can never seem to get enough. This is a problem that one Singapore startup has set out to solve with an accurate and unobtrusive monitor that can help optimize your slumber. Whereas most wearable devices promise to quantify your sleep, they don’t necessarily manage and improve your nighttime habits. Meet Juvo.


The system is comprised of a sensor mat that slips under your mattress, a sleek bedside device and an accompanying app, which together are capable of seamlessly tracking your vitals and Z’s in real-time. Simply stated, Juvo can make an ordinary bed smart.

How it works is fairly straightforward. You first put the fiber-optic pad under your mattress, which connects over Wi-Fi to small square gadget that sits on your nightstand. From there, Juvo will keep tabs your heart rate, breathing patterns and movement to determine if you’re awake or not, and what stage of sleep you’re in.

But that’s not all. Juvo sets itself apart from other wearable products on the market today because it doesn’t just analyze what goes on as you snooze, it integrates with popular smart home platforms, such as Philips Hue, LIFX, Nest and WeMo, to enhance your surrounding environment. You may know how much time you spend in bed, but are you truly well rested? Thanks to the device’s SleepCoach, you’ll be able to find out.


The app determines the amount of restorative REM and deep sleep you’re truly getting so you can stay at the top of your game (even on those dreaded Mondays) and then dishes out advice to better your habits. These recommendations are tailored to each person and include everything from the optimal temperature to exactly how much sleep you need to be getting based on your personal sleep patterns. As if that wasn’t enough, Juvo even includes a built-in white noise generator to block out background sounds and a smart alarm for the perfect start to the day.

The bedside unit comes in both white and black, making it a perfect fit for any decor. Sound like something you’d love to have in your bedroom? Head over to its Indiegogo campaign, where Juvo Labs is currently seeking $50,000. Delivery is expected to begin in spring 2016.

BedJet V2 is a climate control system for your sheets

This system hacks your body’s natural sleep biorhythms with intelligent climate control. 

Don’t you hate waking up in the middle of the night to kick the covers off because you’re too hot, only to fall back asleep and then wake up hours later because you’re too cold? This doesn’t just interrupt your sleep, it resets your REM clock. It’s also the problem that one Providence-based startup is looking to solve with their intelligent climate control system for your bed.


BedJet V2 is a specially-designed, rapid cooling and heating climate control system with sleep-inducing biorhythm technology to help you doze off sooner and stay asleep longer. Following a successful campaign on Kickstarter back in 2013 and an appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, the team has returned with a new and improved model. This time, version two promises to tap into your body’s biorhythm by using natural triggers to wake you up gently and incredibly refreshed.

Compatible with any bed size, the system can be easily stored under the mattress while a duct routes cool or warm air into the bedding. Once activated, BedJet V2 quietly generates a small cushion, puffing up the sheets and blanket so the air can flow through. This tenting effect combined with the turbulent flow enables the air to permeate throughout the entire sleeping area. By no means is the system meant to replace your existing HVAC unit, but simply warm up or cool down your sheets in three minutes or 10 seconds, respectively.


“BedJet air based warming is not your grandmother’s electric mattress pad – it’s a personal toasty warm sauna right in your own bed, on-demand in just 180 seconds. The instant and powerful warming forever ends cold feet, cold legs and bundling up with layers of pajamas to get into chilly winter beds,” the company explains.

With BedJet V2, your smartphone or tablet becomes more than just a remote control for your bed, but one for your body as well. The smart system communicates with its accompanying iPhone or Android app over Bluetooth, and will make a temperature profile for you based on gender, age and body type. Aside from that, you will be able to create manual temperature profiles, to activate different warming or cooling preferences over your own customized time scale, and recall them with one-touch memory settings.


Hour by hour, embedded sensors track your sleep and the ambient temperature, while the system kicks on and off accordingly. Since every person is different, BedJet V2 is capable of learning its user’s behaviors. Night after night, it will incorporate adjustments to your sleep temperature profile to determine the perfect profile for you.

“BedJet v2 takes a technological leap past sleep sensors that simply monitor and educate on your prior night’s sleep. BedJet v2 uses muscular bed climate control to hack into your body’s own natural pre-programmed circadian biorhythm’s to fundamentally alter what your body THINKS it should be doing while you are in bed,” its creators add.


Ready for a better night’s sleep? Head over to BedJet V2’s Kickstarter page, where the team has well surpassed its initial goal of $24,000. Delivery to backers is expected to get underway in December 2015.

Luna is turning your mattress into a smart bed

The newest sleep tracker on the market doesn’t have to be worn.

Everything in and our around our home is becoming connected, and that includes our beds. Imagine as you lie down for a good night’s rest, the lights, thermostat and music all adjust to a setting of your liking, while the doors lock themselves. Then, as you sleep, the room stays at an optimal temperature. That’s the idea behind the newest tracker on the market, one in which you won’t find adorned to any wrist.


Luna is the world’s first cover that can monitor your sleep, intelligently heat your mattress and make your bed smart. Over the course of the night, it will track everything from sleeping patterns to heart and breathing rates, let you know how well you slept, and use those insights to offer suggestions on ways to improve future slumbers.

Through its accompanying mobile app, users can control the warmth of their bed including dual-zone temperatures for those who have differing preferences from their partners. Or, when needed on those cold winter nights, Luna can be set remotely, allowing you to come home to an already warm bed. Luna is also equipped with a built-in alarm clock that wakes you up during the lightest sleep cycle along with some light tunes and a freshly brewed pot of coffee.


Luna is also integrated with a number of household devices, such as smart lightbulbs, thermostats, air vents and speakers. Meaning, through its IFTTT service, users can trigger actions like turning on a coffee machine once awake or activating a smart door lock when the user is in bed. Luna is already integrated with Nest, Philips Hue, Lockitron, Emberlight and Beep but can be connected to other Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets creating recipes on IFTTT as well.

With convenience and security in mind, the mattress cover uses public key cryptography and include HTTPS, SSL, and 128-bit encryption. “Luna stores a small amount of data locally and as soon as an internet connection becomes available, encrypts the data and sends it to our servers in the cloud,” the company writes.

Just launched on Indiegogo, the team has already well exceeded its $100,000 goal. Interested in learning more or pre-ordering one of your own? Head over to Luna’s official page here.