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Mimo is making the baby nursery smarter

IoT: Internet of Todders 

If you are currently or have been the parent of a newborn, you know how hard it can be. Infants aren’t able to provide the kind of feedback you might desperately wish for after countless hours of coddling and sleepless nights. Unfortunately, babies can’t tell you exactly how they feel, what they want or why they are upset — other than crying, of course. Thankfully, the convergence of the Internet of Things and wearable tech is ushering in a new age of parenting.

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Fortunately, a Boston-based startup Rest Devices has developed a smart baby onesie for parents. Founded by a group of former MIT students, Mimo monitors the respiration, skin temperature, body position, sleeping and activity levels of infants. Meaning, those with newborns will soon no longer have to worry about getting up and frequently checking on the baby throughout the night, instead only when necessary.

With comfort and safety in mind, the Mimo onesie is comprised of soft cotton with respiration sensors pressed to the top of the kimono, keeping anything from touching your baby’s skin. Data, such as breathing, skin temp and body position, is collected by the embedded “Turtle” sensor and immediately sent to a nearby station base, aptly dubbed “Lilypad.” This information and audio is relayed to the cloud in real-time, where it can be viewed on any mobile device and shared between parents and caregivers. The companion app is available for both Android and iOS.

App - Live Monitor - Wake

By analyzing the data, Rest Devices is able to track and analyze the sleep schedule of an infant, as well as establish predictions on when a baby will fall asleep and more importantly, when it will wake up. This enables parents to be notified ahead of time so that they can already be prepared with milk or whatever else the child may need.

The company’s latest feature, a sleep training system, is currently in beta testing. As a parent, you know all to well that an infant’s slumber schedule can be rather fragmented and inconsistent. Company co-founder Dulcie Madden tells TechCrunch that they are in the process of developing a social component that will provide parents and nannies insights to other caregivers about their sleep strategies. What’s more, the Mimo is also capable of monitoring whether babies are sleeping properly, preventing the rare and tragic situation known as SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.


Why stop at a onesie? Rest Devices is on a mission to revolutionize the nursery and bring it into the Internet of Things era. In doing so, the startup is working on launching a smart bottle warmer, which will connect with the sleep prediction feature and automatically heat up milk as soon as a baby shows that it is getting restless.

“If babies are the future evolution of humanity, then Rest Devices may just be the next phase of the Internet of Things fever. Not just about flicking the lights on at predetermined intervals, this new generation of products has the opportunity to reshape how we think about family relationships, and through its convenience, ultimately improve what we most care about: our children,” TechCrunch’s Danny Crichton concludes.

Those parents wishing to learn more can head over to the startup’s official page here.