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This littleBits frame changes based on your gym habits

A piece of art that gets more beautiful when you “do good.” 

With the new year officially underway, it’s a safe assumption that many, if not all, of you had exercising among their resolutions. However, truth be told, actually getting up and going to the gym isn’t as easy. That’s why Maker Natasha Dzurny has created a simple mechanism in the form of a picture frame to help keep her routine going.


Aptly dubbed Smart Artthe project uses the power of littleBits cloud and Arduino (ATmega32U4) modules to know the last time she has been to the gym and how long it’s been since then. If she’s completed a workout recently, the art reveals a colorful rainbow over a beach. However, if she hasn’t exercised in three days, a storm rolls into the piece.


Using IFTTT, Dzurny set the trigger as her smartphone and entered the location of her gym. She then configured the action as the output of her littleBits cloud module. The Arduino listens for the signal from the cloud module, and begins the counter. In the event that too much time passes, the Arduino activates the servo motor (ATtiny25), thereby changing the sky’s backdrop.


Smart Art is also equipped with a button, so the Maker can trigger it manually if she happens to squeeze a workout in somewhere other than her regular gym, as well as a long LED that lights up when either trigger is activated.

Interested in a similar gadget of your own? Check out the project’s official littleBits page here to get started.