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Sabertron sword play with an Arduino Fio

Sabertron – which recently surfaced on Kickstarter courtesy of LevelUp – is a wireless multiplayer foam sword fighting game designed to electronically keep score of successful thrusts and other methods of attacks.

More specifically, a sword-to-sword hit is ignored, while a hit anywhere else remove points from an integrated health meter.

Current Sabertron prototypes are built using 3D printing technology, various lightweight plastics, LEDs, a custom PCB and an Atmel-based (ATmega328P) Arduino Fio.

Ultimately, says the LevelUp crew, Sabertron swords will be as light as possible, sturdy, well balanced, with appropriate sci-fi sounds. Indeed, the reward products are slated to be constructed of polycarbonate, impact resistant plastic, rubber handle grips and tough lightweight foam.

For the initial reward product, only two players can play at a time. However, a multiplayer “scoreboard” health meter mounted on the chest and back of each player will be available in the near future, allowing the participation of more than two fencers.

In “Melee Mode,” the scoreboard will support a virtually unlimited number of players, along with a wide range of accessories including active shields, helmets and body armor.

Interested in learning more about Sabertron? You can check out the project’s official Kickstarter page here.