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Praise the Lord!!! A New Sub-1GHz RF Transceiver Supporting 4 Major Regional Frequency Bands

Your prayers have been answered!  Atmel has just released its 2nd generation Sub1GHz IEEE 802.15.4-compliant RF transceiver, the Atmel® AT86RF212B.  Not only does it work in Europe (863-870MHz) and North America (902-928MHz), like some of the sub-1GHz RF transceivers you see in the market today, it also works in China and Japan compatible with the 779-787MHz and 915-930MHz regional frequency bands, respectively.  


The device is a feature-rich, extremely low power Sub1GHz RF transceiver designed for industrial and consumer ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4, IPv6/6LoWPAN and high data rate Sub1GHz ISM band applications. The RF transceiver offers a true SPI-to-antenna solution, integrating all RF-critical components, except the antenna, crystal and decoupling capacitors.

It is designed specifically for these applications in mind:

  • Lighting control
  • Gas and water meters
  • Thermostats
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Remotes
  • Toys
  • Doorphones
  • Proprietary wireless systems up to 1000kb/s

To help with your design and prototyping needs, we have a slew of software and hardware tools at your disposal, such as the Wireless Composer for providing a performance analyzer application and contains easy-to-understand displays to configure, command, and monitor information coming from the performance test application running on the target, which is available through the Atmel Gallery app store (available in Studio 6).  Additionally, we also offer the Atmel BitCloud® ZigBee® PRO stack, the Atmel IEEE 802.15.4 MAC, and the Atmel Lightweight Mesh software stack

From the H/W side, we offer an evaluation kit that is shipped preprogrammed with the Atmel Radio Performance Analyzer application for easy evaluation of the RF transceiver’s key features and performance.

AT86RF212B eval kit

Please stay tuned on upcoming posts about why sub-1GHz is preferred over 2.4GHz in some designs and tips/tricks on how to use the Wireless Composer.

Low-Power 2.4GHz SOCs for IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Apps

Designing IEEE 802.15.4 wireless apps? As with many applications these days, low power is a key consideration in the wireless world. Attend our upcoming technical training webinar to learn about a new ultra-low power 2.4GHz SoC family that is targeted toward IEEE 802.15.4 wireless apps. The Atmel ATmega256RFR2 combines an AVR microcontroller with a 2.4GHz RF transceiver, delivering a link budget of 103.5dBm at 50 percent the current consumption of existing offerings.

The ATmega256RFR2-EK board gives you a head start in developing wireless apps with Atmel's ultra-low power device.

The ATmega256RFR2-EK board gives you a head start in developing wireless apps with Atmel’s ultra-low power device.

In the webinar, you’ll also learn about the new Wireless Composer and Wireless Library tools available in the new Atmel Gallery apps store that is integrated into the Atmel Studio 6 integrated development platform.

Webinar: 10 am PST on Wednesday, Dec. 5. Session will be led by Magnus Pedersen, one of our Wireless Wizards. If you can’t attend the live session, you can always register for free access to the Atmel Tech Online training portal, where you can find archived training webinars.