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ATmega1284 powers Stubby the Hexapod

Powered by Atmel’s ATMega1284 microcontroller (MCU), Stubby the Hexapod was originally inspired by the unstoppable replicators found in the expansive SG-1 universe.

Designed by the Big One, Stubby started out as a simple 2DOF version, although it quickly morphed into a 3DOF iteration with a full inverse kinematics engine.

“What sets it apart from other hexapods is that it a) is controlled controlled by a single AVR chip (ATMega 1284), including movement and PWM,” The Big One explained in a recent HackADay project page.

“[It] is [also] designed in such a way that it can be driven by very cheap, micro servos (I am currently using $2, 9 gram servos). [Plus, Stubby] has a wooden (MDF) frame cut on a scroll saw [and] is designed with budget in mind; you can make one for around $150 worth of supplies and minimal simple tools.”

The completed project features three 9g servos per leg, all controlled with an AVR-based custom board and an XBee interface to an old Playstation controller.

“You can move in any direction on the XY axis, translate the body on the XYZ axis and roll the body on the XYZ axis,” the BigOne added.

Interested in learning more? You can check out the project’s official HackADay page here and Stubby’s official homepage here.

First 3D printing experience store opens in Tel Aviv

Israel’s first 3D printing experience store is set to open its doors this week on Saturday, December 21, 2013. The Tel Aviv shop, located in a coastal North Jaffa neighborhood known as NOGA, is close to theaters, coffee shops, art galleries, clothing boutique shops and the Mediterranean sea.

3D Factory is a balance between a studio gallery, workshop space, and retail store,” 3D Factory spokesperson Jessica Jaffee told 3DERS. “It gives the community, beyond designers and students, the opportunity to experience 3D printing up close and in person, as well as purchase home desktop 3D printers, speciality items or create their own.”

3D Factory will initially house at least 6 3D desktop printers, including Atmel-powered MakerBot Replicators (2/2X). Shoppers will be able to purchase a wide range of 3D printed products, such as jewelry, home d├ęcor items and novelty gifts, as well as 3D printers and filaments. The 3D Factory is also equipped with a workshop station that will allow DIY Makers to design their own custom 3D creations.

“If you have a design in mind and want to see it come to life, simply email us your STL or OBJ. If you are working in Solidworks file, we can assist in converting the file to STL. Once we have your file, we can print your object right here in the store,” said Jaffee.

“Whether you are an experienced designer, student, or simply interested in learning more about 3D printing, our professional staff can provide hands-on guidance and consultation. We are dedicated to bringing the technology and imagination of 3D printing to our community. [3D Factory will also be hosting] interactive workshops for children, students and experienced designers.”