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Sir Mix-A-Lot raps and rhymes with Atmel

Throwback Thursdays at Atmel are always quite popular, although it isn’t every day that our tech tweets attract the attention of a celebrity rapper like Sir Mix-A-Lot (a.k.a. Anthony Ray).

“We like 8-bits and we cannot lie. All you other Makers can’t deny,” we tweeted about our lineup of 8-bit microcontrollers (MCUs).

The chippy pun, made in the style and tune of the ’90s hit “Baby Got Back” (from the album Mack Daddy), prompted Sir Mix-A-Lot to tweet:

“I like my mosfets wide & juicy. That bandwidth has to double. 30mhz bubble, high frequency RF trouble.”

Sylvie Barak, a former EETimes reporter who now works in Atmel’s communications department, told AllThingsD that having Sir Mix-A-Lot join the online conversation was a big surprise.

“At first I was a little skeptical it was actually him, but a quick Internet search … revealed he’s actually quite the techie,” Barak confirmed. “His rhymes were awesome.”

Sir Mix-a-Lot is an American MC and producer based in Seattle, Washington. The founder of the Nastymix record label, he debuted in 1988 with Swass. Sir Mix-a-Lot is best known for his 1992 album Mack Daddy and its Grammy Award-winning single “Baby Got Back.”