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15-year-old Maker creates a DIY 3D printer for $400

Several months back, 15-year-old Braden designed a DIY 3D printer with an approximate $400 build of materials (BOM). The Delta Twister build — which was recently posted to Instructables — had also been an entry in the site’s Arduino contest earlier in the year.

“Anyone can build the Delta Twister! You don’t need any 3D printed parts or CNC to make this printer. Everything except the extruder can be made using hand tools like I did,” Braden explained in the Instructables post.

“Practically anyone with basic mechanical skills can build their own Delta Twister. Having a print volume of over 1000 cubic inches this printer really has it all…for only $400 compared to $800-3,000.”

Aside from its Arduino Mega 2560 (ATmega2560), other notable Delta Twister specs included:


(1) Ramps v1.4 board with drivers
(3) 36″ 8mm linear rods
  • (6) 8mm linear bearings
  • (2) 3/8 in wooden dowel rods(4 feet each)
  • (12) 8mm rod ends
(4) NEMA 17 stepper motors
(3) Stepper pulleys for a 5mm shaft
(1) 6M length of belt that fits your pulley
(1) RepRap heated bed
(3) 3d printer endstops
(1) PC power supply
(3) Computer fans
  • (1) J-head printhead
(1) Extruder with a bowden tube (airtripper has a good unit)
  • (1) Meter of 1.75 mm Teflon tubing

Braden kicked off his DIY 3D printer project by building a frame. He then fashioned linear rod supports, cut the rods and dowels to size, made an arm carriage, screwed in the rod supports, put together the motor mounts and printer head carriage, and attached the endstops as well as the belt pulley system. 

On the software side, Braden used Repetier Host for the 3D printer, along with Marlin firmware for the Arduino board.

“[Yes], it will take a little bit of tinkering around to get prints looking like you want them to, but hey, you now have a working 3d printer,” Braden added.

Interested in learning more? You can check out Delta Twister’s official Instructables page here. Meanwhile, you can see the build in action below.


BuildersBot CNC Router is also a 3D printer

A Maker named “aldricnegrier” has designed an Arduino-based BuildersBot machine, which he describes as a CNC Router that is also capable of 3D printing.

“The BuildersBot works/moves within a three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system, allowing the machine to position its tool (drill bit or hot end) in any location inside the three-dimensional work space,” aldricnegrier explained in a recent Instructables post.

“The X axis will move the tool from left to right, the Y axis will move the tool from back to forth and finally the Z axis will move the tool up and down inside the work area.”

Key BuildersBot components include:

  • 4 Nema 23 Motor dual shaft 425oz-in
  • 4 driver 4.2A 128MicroDriver
  • 3 power supplies (36V, 36V and 12V)
  • 1 Arduino Mega (ATmega2560)
  • 1 Ramps 1.4 Board (for CNC milling and 3D printing)
  • Smart controller LCD
  • 6 end stops
  • 5 meter LED Strip with remote control (IR)
  • Kress 1050 Spindle MFE

“The Buildersbot electronics enclosure is made from 7 laser cut acrylic parts, [with] all parts fitting together to make the enclosure. The enclosure houses the four Micro Stepping Drivers, three power supplies (36V, 36V and 12V), the Arduino Mega, a Ramps 1.4 board and two fans for cooling,” said aldricnegrier.

“The enclosure has rear holes for all exterior wire connections, [with] all stepper drivers mounted on an acrylic plate and positioned in the middle of the enclosure. The enclosure is closed using zip-ties. For extra fun there are four blue LEDs that light up the enclosure when power is on.”

Interested in learning more? You can check out the project’s official page here.

G3D is a new RepRap printer (Prusai3)

Earlier this week, GADGETS3D announced a new RepRap 3D printer based on the popular Prusai3 build.

According to the 3Ders crew, the small, low-cost G3D 3D printer is specifically designed for use in schools, SMBs and individual customers. The G3D is slated to ship in November, with an initial price tag of $499.

Key technical specs include:

  • Build Volume (L | W | H – mm) 200 x 200 x 200
  • Precise laser cut acrylic frame
  • Wade style Extruder
  • G3D Hot-End for 1.75mm/3mm PLA/ABS (pre-assembled)
  • Nozzle diameter 0.4mm/0.5mm
  • Material – 1.75mm/3mm PLA, ABS, Nylon, Laybrick, Laywood
  • High power RAMPS (Atmel-Arduino Mega) 1.4 electronics (pre-configured)
  • G3D Stepper Motor drivers
  • High torque NEMA 17 Steppers Motors
  • G3D LCD display with G3D Shield including SD card reader and SD Card for standalone operation
  • Four-point platform leveling
  • Removable acrylic sheet for good adhesion and easy part removing
  • Recommended software: RepetierHost & Slic3r
  • Assembly manual
  • Marlin firmware (pre-configured)

You can read more about the G3D on the official GADGETS3D page here.