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Atmel launches new radiation-hardened mixed-signal ASICs for space apps

ATMX50RHA ASIC delivers flexible analog capabilities for up to 22 million routable gates simplifying the design process for next-generation space applications.

Atmel has announced a new radiation-hardened (rad-hard) mixed-signal ASIC platform for high-performance and high-density solutions for space applications. Manufactured on 150 nm Silicon on Insulator (SOI) process, the ATMX150RHA adds to Atmel’s portfolio of rad-hard solutions.


Providing a platform that simplifies the design process for space application, the new ATMX150RHA delivers up to 22 million routable gates, includes non-volatile memory blocks, flexible form factor with compiled SRAM and DPRAM blocks, and supports 2.5/3.3/5V and high-voltage (25-45-65V) I/Os with pre-qualified analog IP. This flexible and highly-integrated ASIC brings an overall lower bill of materials for space applications, which range from transportation and communication to Earth observation to scientific research. The ATMX150RHA ASIC platform is supported by a combination of state-of-art third-party and proprietary design tools such as Synopsys, Mentor and Cadence.

Leveraging Atmel’s nearly 30 years of flight heritage, the ATMX150RHA integrates Atmel’s proven rad-hard solution and offers a full service option for customers designing ASICs up to the qualified flight models. As previous Atmel ASIC platform generations, all ATMX150RHA products are fully designed, assembled, tested and qualified in Europe.

“With our long-standing flight heritage and more than 3,500 flight models delivered, we are a leading ASIC provider for space applications with proven, reliable solutions,” explained Patrick Sauvage, General Manager of Atmel’s Aerospace Business Unit. “Atmel’s ATMX150RHA ASIC adds to our proven aerospace portfolio, and delivers a fully integrated solution that allows aerospace designers a flexible, yet complete solution to help accelerate their space mission. The new ASIC is further testament to our aerospace leadership.”

Key features of the ASIC:

  • Comprehensive library of standard logic and I/O cells
  • Up to 15 usable Mgates equivalent NAND2
  • Operating voltage 1.8+/-0.15V for the core and 5V +/-0.5V, 3.3+/-0.3V, 2.5+/-0.25V for the periphery
  • High voltage I/O’s 25-45-65V
  • Memory cells compiled (ROM, SRAM, DPRAM, Register file memory cells) or synthesized to the requirements of the design
  • 32KB NVM memory block
  • Cold sparing buffers
  • High-speed LVDS buffers 655Mbps
  • PCI buffers
  • Set of analog IPs
  • Low-cost NRE with a Space Multi Project Wafer (SMPW) option
  • No single event latch-up below a LET threshold of 75 MeV/mg/cm² at 125°C
  • SEU hardened flip-flops
  • TID test up to 300kRads (Si) for 1.8V and 3.3V devices and 150kRads (Si) for 5V and HV I/OS according to Mil-Std 883 TM1019
  • CCGA, CLGA and CQFP qualified packages catalog
  • ESD better than 2000V
  • Applications include satellites, space probes and space station launchers

Interested in learning more? Soar over to the ATMX150RHA’s official page here.

Rad-Hard Microprocessor an EDN Hot 100 Product

The Atmel ATF697FF rad-hard microprocessor has been selected by EDN editors and readers as one of the 100 Hot Products of 2012. The 2012 EDN Hot 100 highlights the electronics industry’s most significant products based on innovation, significance, usefulness and popularity. The listing has been an annual EDN tradition since 1993.

A multi-chip module, the ATF697FF combines the Atmel AT697F SPARC V8 rad-hard processor, the Atmel ATF280F SRAM-based FPGA and an internal PCI link. The microprocessor runs at up to 100MHz with low power consumption, down to 0.7W for space applications today. The ATF697FF also executes instructions in a single clock cycle, with throughputs around 1 MIPS per MHz. Learn more.