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PubNub unveils new Realtime Analytics Dashboard

PubNub recently announced the availability of its new Realtime Analytics Dashboard, providing customers with easy-to-understand visualizations of their application data streams and user base. New real-time graphs illustrate the value, impact and scalability of PubNub-powered applications.


For Internet of Things (IoT) customers and others enabling device connectivity, the new dashboard tracks data stream traffic and usage in real-time via a live world map. In addition, application owners can see which countries have the highest message volume, and which channels have the most messages and users. According to its recent blog post, the dashboard streams live-updating metrics including:

  • A live world map that charts your real-time data based on geolocation
  • Top countries by message volume
  • Top channels by message volume and number of users
  • Top devices by message volume and number of users
  • Peak active devices over a 24-hour period


The Realtime Analytics Dashboard helps customers improve their applications’ overall performance and troubleshoot production-level issues. With these real-time analytics, customers have the ability to correlate peaks and troughs in usage with message volume on the PubNub Data Stream Network.

“PubNub developers have always been able to view an up-to-the-millisecond assessment of the performance of their applications based on message volume,” said Todd Greene, Founder and CEO of PubNub. “With our new Realtime Analytics dashboard, our customers have even greater visibility to easily understand the performance and reach of their apps in realtime, and to share key metrics with other stakeholders within their organization.”

The newly-unveiled Realtime Analytics Dashboard is now available in the PubNub developer portal. If you’re looking to read more from the PubNub team on Bits & Pieces, you’ll find plenty of articles on the IoT and real-time apps here.