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Instamic is the smallest and smartest microphone

What the GoPro did for cameras, this clip-on device wants to do for microphones.

Currently being billed on Indiegogo as the “GoPro of microphones,” Instamic is looking to become a household name when it comes to capturing high-quality sound from anywhere on anything.


Instamic is a tiny, standalone recorder that has its sights set on replacing conventional handheld and lavaliere microphones. With a variety of mounting options (magnet, velcro and tape) and a quick release clip, the super portable gadget can register hours of 48khz/24-bit sound in mono and dual mono mode, as well as in stereo quality with its Pro variant. A built-in, rechargeable battery allows for roughly four hours of uncompressed audio recording, with duration varying slightly depending on charge time, temperature and storage conditions. Instamic has a frequency response of 50 to 18,000 Hz.


Given its compact design and minimal setup, Instamic is the perfect accessory for filmmakers, journalists and musicians as they will no longer need to lug around all that bulky, obtrusive equipment. Eliminating the need for cables, the wearable unit connects to its accompanying app over Bluetooth and enables users to control it remotely within a 30-foot radius, as well as simultaneously record with up to seven Instamics. What’s more, the mic features an Atmel | SMART SAM3U MCU and internal memory ranging from 2GB to 8GB.


Turning on the pocket-sized device requires a single tap of its logo, while another touch will begin the recording. From there, Instamic will automatically adjust the gain on its own in the first 10 seconds and will ensure that it remains at the optimal level. Tap and hold again for a second and it will stop. If paired with a smartphone, Instamic can also be controlled through its app. When a user needs to transfer a recording to their desktop, its microUSB charging port doubles as the file transfer system.


Instamic comes in two models: Pro and Go. The Pro version’s waterproof, black shell makes it a suitable instrument for indoor filming sets, darker environments and even in five feet of water. Meanwhile, the splash-resistant, white Instamic exterior of the Go can remain inconspicuous in most bright, day-lit settings.


Intrigued? Head over to its Indiegogo page, where the Bay Area startup is currently seeking $50,000.