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Designing an Atmel-Arduino RFID car starter

A Maker by the name of Pierre recently decided to celebrate the purchase of his first car by designing a DIY RFID electric starter.

According to the HackADay crew, an Atmel-based Arduino Nano (ATmega328) is tasked with controlling two relays which turn the car on and off.

“Instead of adding a button for ‘push to start,’ Pierre opted for a 13.56MHz RFID module,” explained HackADay’s James Hobson. “Now when he passes his RFID badge across the dash, the car turns on — if it’s held there for over a second, the car starts. Another pass and it will turn off.”

Pierre’s ultimate goal is to move the circuit closer to the wheel and use an NFC ring to start the vehicle.

Interested in learning more about starting a car with RFID tech? You may want to check out HackAday’s archived story about a Maker named Jair2K4 who actually implanted an RFID chip into his hand.