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Open Source Design Centre goes live

RS Components has opened the virtual doors to its Open Source Design Centre, a comprehensive free guide to open source electronics design hosted on designspark.com.

Essentially, the Open Source Design Centre brings together all of the elements involved in open source design in a single, easy-to-access reference point.The site provides reliable information on a variety of subjects, ranging from open source licensing guidelines to advice on hardware and software management.

The aim of the Design Centre? To educate engineers in open source design, and to aid and encourage their active participation in open source projects.

RS developed the Open Source Design Centre in cooperation with Andrew Back, a founding member of the UK-based Open Source Hardware User Group (OSHUG).

“While open source hardware has until recently been at the low end of the electronics design spectrum, it is steadily increasing in interest as the opportunities for industry, education and experimentation become apparent,” said Back.

“By working with RS, we are tapping into a vast global base of engineers on designspark.com, many of whom will be the key players in taking forward open source hardware into mainstream electronics design.”

David Tarrant, Head of Community Development at RS Components, expressed similar sentiments.

“The growing popularity of open source hardware design has become self-evident over the past twelve months with the release of new versions of low-cost development boards such as [Atmel-poweredArduinos  and [others], creating extraordinary demand around the world,” Tarrant noted.

“RS is a trusted source of information on new designs and new technologies for engineers. Our new Open Source Design Centre brings together essential information our users can rely on to support them throughout the research, development and design cycle.”