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Atmel-powered Arduino drives this RC LEGO car

A maker by the name of Cyrus Tabrizi (aka Crtlego) has created a remote control car combining Lego bricks, an XBEE radio and Arduino-powered remote controls.

“The Lego part of the RC vehicle is a medium-sized chassis built around a Lego drivetrain with four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering,” Tabrizi explained in a detailed post published on Instructables.

“The RC part is a set of four standard hobby servos powering the drivetrain; an Arduino Leonardo for controlling everything; and an XBEE radio, for communication with the remote control. There is also an onboard power supply.”

Meanwhile, the remote control is about the size of a Gameboy Advance. Boasting a 2.2” LCD color display, it is is built around an Arduino microcontroller and boasts a joystick, two potentiometers along with four buttons for input. It also features the same type of XBEE radio module the RC vehicle does.

“All of this is housed in a custom enclosure made entirely from laser-cut acrylic. The remote control supports USB cable operation via the serial port on the Arduino, but it can also be operated off a 9V battery which can be mounted onboard, allowing the entire remote to be operated, well, remotely,” Tabrizi added.

Additional information about Tabrizi’s Arduino-powered remote control car can be found here on Instructables.