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Top this Lady Gaga! A NeoPixel dress made with FLORA

A Maker by the name of Nikko Mamallo recently introduced a NeoPixel dress that will surely stand out at your next social gathering.

Though the dress may have shined in its original form, the Maker thought he’d add a bit more pizazz by including 46 NeoPixels and an ATmega32u4-based FLORA. What’s a party without some tunes? That’s exactly why he decided to incorporate a mic as well, giving the outfit the ability to react to music. The outfit can do 12 different light sequences, with some using random colors to move to sound.


In order to complete the wearable project, the Maker turned to Adafruit’s NeoPixel library, which used some code from their Ampli-tie project. To top it off, what would proper party attire be without some glittery shoes and a disco-ball purse to match? Both powered by Gemma (ATtiny85), the 20 LED sequins embedded into both accessories have the ability to blink and fade. In case you were counting, that’s 66 LEDs in total of fierce!

Nikko described his creation as a “definite show stopper and crowd pleaser,” when it made its public debut at a friend’s 21st birthday party. Thinking you may want to light up your next social function? Learn more about Nikko’s design by checking it out at over at Adafruit.